By | 18 Jan 2023 at 8:34 PM
REET 2022: Teacher arrested for conspiring to appear as dummy candidate in exam

CTET: The STF apprehended Amit Singh, the mastermind of the gang that robbed the CTET exam, in Lucknow. The accused had sold the paper to Mehak Singh for Rs. 2 lakh. However, after questioning the accused, the names of two other accused, from whom Amit Singh used to buy paper, have come to light. The STF is now searching for these two fugitives, and raids are taking place. Both of the fugitives are Lucknow residents.

Two days ago, the STF Meerut team apprehended two members of the gang who leaked C-tet exam papers in Kankarkheda, Rohtak resident Sombir and Mehak Singh resident Mathura. The accused were buying paper for Rs 2 lakh and selling it to C-TET exam candidates for a large sum. Following their arrest, it was revealed that Amit Singh, a resident of Indiranagar Ghazipur in Lucknow, had leaked the paper. Amit is the coaching center’s owner, and he sold this paper to Mehak Singh for Rs 2 lakh. On Wednesday, the STF surrounded Amit and arrested him.

From the accused, the STF recovered three mobile phones, 137 work seat exam question papers, photocopies of admit cards for 28 different exams, five chequebooks, four passbooks, and a laptop.

The identities of Lakshminarayan and Vinayak Rai have been revealed.

During STF interrogation, the names Vinayak Rai and Lakshmi Narayan were revealed. Amit stated that both of them had given him the paper. In exchange for one paper, two to three lakh rupees were given. Amit stated that after receiving this paper, he sold it to 5-6 people for two lakh rupees. Vinayak Rai, a resident of Lucknow, has previously been charged in the paper leak case. On the other hand, information about Lakshminarayan is being gathered.

Laxmi Narayan’s phone number was disconnected.

Lakshmi Narayan is a fictitious name, according to police officers. The accused ran the entire gang by changing the name and number of fake IDs. In such a case, Lakshmi Narayan is being sought.