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Happy Republic Day 2023: Gantantra diwas wishes, sms, quotes, shayari

Happy Republic Day Greetings and Quotes 2023: The country is celebrating the 74th Republic Day with zeal today. The parade of power and culture on the path of duty not only tells the story of our successful journey, but it also reminds us of those who gave their lives for the country. Republic Day commemorates the country’s accomplishments. India has established itself as a self-assured nation on the global stage. The entire country is proud of its history. It is moving forward with a resolution to eliminate the mentality of slavery. Laborers, vegetable and milk vendors, rickshaw pullers, and small-scale industries have been given priority viewing the parade on the duty path at this time. This is a message to the world that Gana is the system’s strength. Every citizen of India, which has grown to become the world’s fifth largest economy, is working to make the country strong and progressive. Every citizen plays an important role in the Republic of India.

Happy Republic Day 2023: Gantantra diwas wishes, sms, quotes, shayari

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Every citizen is filled with patriotism during these moments of pride. Here are some, messages, quotes, and slogans that you can send to your loved ones on this important national holiday.

Our India is superior to all others; we are bubbles, and this Gulsita is ours.

will wave the tricolour, will hum devotional songs, and promise that this country will be the most beautiful in the world.

There is respect throughout the world for the Republic of India, which has been blooming for decades.

Let us revisit that scene today.
Remember the flame that burned in the martyrs’ hearts,
The river of freedom had reached the shore.
Remember that torrent of patriotism?

Keep these lamps burning, tell the winds today.
Who took liberty by shedding blood? Do not let the threads of such love fray.

Keep telling the winds that there will be light, keep the lights on Whom we protected by giving blood, and keep that tricolour in your eyes.
Happy Republic Day to you and your loved ones.

India is in everyone’s heart; respect the country.
We are Mother India’s sons.
We are all proud of this land.
Happy Independence Day!