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Personnel department sends requisition to JSSC for 442 posts to fill backlog posts

Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission (JSSC) exam will now ask questions on 18 regional-tribal subjects of Jharkhand. On the request of JSSC, Dr. Ramdayal Munda Tribal Welfare Research Institute has prepared its syllabus and submitted it to the commission. The syllabus includes folklore, grammar, etiquette, poems, text books, folktales, elegant stories, idioms, riddles, proverbs, prose literature and verse literature of the language belonging to the community concerned.

This syllabus has been prepared for clerical cadre matriculation-inter level and graduate level examination. It took TRE a week to prepare the syllabus. Let us inform that the Hemant government has amended the appointment rules of JSSC to include the regional language in it. Candidates appearing in the graduation level recruitment examination will have to appear in the regional language test.

Textbook also ready Jharkhand has become the first state in the country where languages ​​of the vanishing primitive tribal community have been recognized in government jobs. It includes Asuri, Birjia, Malto and Bhumij. According to TRI director Ranendra Kumar, UNICEF has also considered these languages ​​as endangered.

The text book has also been prepared in these languages ​​with the tireless efforts of six months, which includes grammar, prose and poetry. The text recorded in these books has been translated into primitive language, in which the help of rural experts has been taken. After this the syllabus is prepared. Let us tell that in Jharkhand, 10 thousand people still speak in the same languages, which is now in a state of extinction.

18 languages ​​have been included in the curriculum

Mundari, Panch Pargania, Khadia, Santali, Bhumij, Ho, Khortha, Kudukh, Nagpuri, Birjia, Kurmali, Birhor, Malto, Asuri including Angika, Urdu, Bhojpuri, Oriya and others are included.

TRI handed over the syllabus to JSSC, Jharkhand is the first state where primitive language is also recognized in the job.