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Know about job oriented Top Careers in Agriculture

As an Agriculture Engineer, you will be able to try and improve existing farming practices, using computer-aided technology (CAD) to design new equipment and machinery.

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Careers in Agriculture: There is more to a career in agriculture than just being a farmer. Students who are interested in Agriculture sector and want to work in Agriculture sector but do not know what career options are available for them. Today we have come up with a solution to this problem. You can make your career in agriculture sector by working on these posts. Let us know in detail.

Agricultural engineering

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As an Agriculture Engineer, you will be able to try and improve existing farming practices, using computer-aided technology (CAD) to design new equipment and machinery. You will also use data from weather and GPS to advise farmers and businesses on land use, assess the impact of existing processes on crops and the surrounding environment. In this role, you can also get monitoring of agricultural construction projects.

Agricultural Economist

In your role as an Agricultural Economist, you will apply microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts and principles to understand economic decisions, such as why buyers make certain decisions about the food they buy and the government and government of farmers. How does it support

Some agricultural economists spend their time in an office, performing calculations and analysis on a range of data. Others spend their time in the fields, surveying the land, interviewing farmers and conducting research.

Agricultural economists work primarily independently, but they may have to collaborate with other economists, farmers, and statisticians.

Economics degree is better for those who want to become an agricultural economist. A strong understanding of mathematics is important for this role, and you must be able to effectively analyze and interpret data and present it in a clear and efficient manner.

Farm manager

As a Farm Manager, your role will be to oversee the operation of the farm and make business decisions keeping in mind the budget parameters. These will arrange for the maintenance and repair of farm buildings and equipment, market farm products and ensure they are ready for markets and auctions in time. On top of this you will ensure that all procedures comply with government regulations and that health and safety standards are enforced at all times.

To work in this position, technical knowledge along with previous experience on farming should be required, as the role will require you to work on tasks as well as administrative tasks. Most agricultural managers also have agricultural degrees, such as an agricultural engineering degree.

Soil and plant scientist

As a Soil and Plant Scientist, you will test soil composition to assess how it affects plant growth, trying to find alternative ways of growing crops. Soil and plant scientists will present such data from agriculture in detailed reports to advise food producers on how to use their land most efficiently, informing farmers about the crops that are most suitable. Many soil and plant scientists spend their days working in offices or laboratories, conducting research, or collecting samples on farms to use in their research.

Agricultural salesperson

Working in Agriculture Sales, you will sell machinery, animal feed, fertilizers and seeds to farmers. You will be expected to be an expert in your produce and will often advise farmers on products. If you want to make a career in sales then you must have a sales and marketing degree.

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