By | 08 Nov 2022 at 11:30 PM
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The Ministry of External Affairs has issued a new warning to Indian students about the new rules for studying medicine in China. According to the new rules, which go into effect on November 18, 2021, students who study MBBS abroad must first obtain a medical licence in that country. If he does not comply, he will not be considered eligible to take the Test for Foreign Medical Graduates in India (FMGE). Let us tell you that if you want to practise medicine in India after studying medicine abroad, you must first pass an exam known as the FMGE. Only after passing the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) exam can one obtain a doctor’s licence in India. This test is extremely difficult to pass. That is, if you fail the FMGE test, you will never be able to practise medicine in India.

This National Medical Commission (NMC) rule applies to all medical students studying abroad. However, the Indian Embassy in Beijing recently issued an advisory in this regard, which was also shared with the media by the Ministry of External Affairs. Students and parents have been informed that medical students who go abroad to study after November 21, 2021 will not only be required to obtain a licence there. You must also study solely in English. Let us tell you that the majority of studies in China are conducted in the local language.

Can I work as an assistant doctor in China if I don’t have a licence?

In fact, the Indian Embassy was contacted on behalf of the parents for more information. Parents are also interested in learning whether students who do not obtain their licence can work as assistant doctors there in order to pay their education loan instalments and meet living expenses. According to the Indian Embassy in China, Chinese officials were contacted this time and this information was sought from them. They will inform the students as soon as they learn.

More than 23000 Indian students are studying in China, the majority of whom are medical students.

According to sources, over 23,000 Indian students are currently enrolled in Chinese universities. The majority of them are studying medicine. After more than two years of COVID-related visa restrictions, China has recently begun issuing visas for returning students. So far, over 350 students have returned from India to study in Chinese colleges. The majority of them had difficulty returning because there are no direct flights and the two countries are negotiating limited flight facilities in Beijing due to segregation restrictions.

Meanwhile, Chinese medical schools have begun accepting new students from India and other countries, prompting the government to issue a new advisory. According to a press release issued by the embassy on Monday, it has informed the relevant Chinese authorities and medical colleges, urging them to ensure that all Indian students coming to China to study medicine are educated, trained, and facilitated. So that they can meet the NMC’s requirements.