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Kerala LSS USS Scholarship Exam 2023: Result to be Announced Soon

NAT 2023:From September 11 to September 16, the Uttar Pradesh government will administer the Nipun Assessment Test (NAT). The test will be administered to pupils in grades 1 through 8 to evaluate their proficiency in language and mathematics (grades 1 through 5) and mathematics and science (grades 6 through 8).

The exam will be administered via the Saral app, and for the first time, students will respond to queries on an OMR sheet. Exam duration will not exceed 1 hour 30 minutes. Teachers will complete the scanning procedure within one hour of the examination’s conclusion.

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To ensure an equitable and transparent evaluation, development block-wise flying squads have been established, and district-level officers have been tasked with monitoring and ensuring cross-vigilance. Examination-related control centres have been established in district project offices.

All district BSA and DIET principals have been instructed to administer the NAT in a transparent and equitable manner. Teachers have also been instructed to ensure students’ perfect attendance through community involvement and home visits.

A student’s data through an OMR sheet will be scanned by the teacher through the ‘Saral App’ after the assessment is concluded. The OMR sheet will only be completed with black ballpoint markers. Children in fourth through eighth grade will receive pens costing a maximum of 5 rupees each through a composite grant. After evaluating the exam papers, report cards will be created and distributed to all students.