By | 06 Dec 2020 at 4:28 PM
Jai Ram Thakur

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur on Saturday said that National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 aims at addressing growing developmental imperatives and revamping all aspects of the education structure.

Addressing a webinar organised by WEEXPO India 2020 from Shimla, Thakur said, “The National Education Policy (NEP) envisions an education system rooted in Indian ethos that contributes directly to transforming India, that is Bharat, sustainably into an equitable and vibrant knowledge society, by providing high-quality education to all, and thereby making India a global knowledge superpower.”

He said that the policy envisages that the curriculum and pedagogy of our institutions must develop among the students a deep sense of respect towards the Fundamental Duties and Constitutional values, bonding with one’s country, and conscious awareness of one’s roles and responsibilities in a changing world.

The Chief Minister said that the vision of the policy is to instil among the learners a deep-rooted pride in being Indian, not only in thought, but also in spirit, intellect, and deeds, as well as to develop knowledge, skills, values, and dispositions that support responsible commitment to human rights, sustainable development and living, and global well-being, thereby reflecting a truly global citizen.

Addressing the webinar organised by Karnataka based India’s largest virtual education show, Thakur mentioned that it was under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the New Education Policy (NEP) was implemented after 34 long years. He said that the state government has also decided to effectively implement the National Education Policy in the state. He said that several steps have also been initiated to achieve the desired goals.

Jai Ram Thakur while appreciating the efforts of the WEEXPO INDIA and vision of its founder Dr SK Narayanan Swami to connect the world with the current knowledge-based on education from grassroots to university level said that during the Covid pandemic online education and virtual classes have helped the students of the country in getting education from their homes. He said that the literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh was second-best in the country after Kerala. He further added that Himachal Pradesh has been ranked as the best state in the country in the field of education by a reputed magazine of the country.

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