By | 03 Dec 2022 at 1:13 AM

On Friday, the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), which is the student wing of the Congress party, urged Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar to establish a committee to address the issue of food prices at the Himachal Pradesh University as well as the quality of the food being sold there.

In the memorandum that Yaseen Batt and Yogesh Yadav, the president and vice president of the HPU chapter of the National Students Union of India respectively, submitted to the governor, they urged him to include the members of their group in the committee as well.

As there are no EVS teachers working at any of the state’s colleges, the NSUI also asked that students in the BA, BSc, and BCom programmes who had failed the EVS exam be allowed to pass the course nonetheless. In their memorandum, they demanded that first-year students who had previously been evaluated and found to be competent receive a return of whatever money they had paid.

Other demands that were included in the NSUI letter included an investigation into the quality of the building work that is currently taking place in the university as well as the cancellation of any false admissions to the PhD programme.

Students at affiliated institutions of HP University staged demonstrations in response to the low percentage of students who passed their first-year BSc and BCom exams. Students were vocal in their opposition to the use of online evaluation systems after discovering that the pass rate for BSc students was only 31%, while the pass rate for BCom students was 58%.

The students said that at some of the colleges they attended, eighty percent of the pupils who took the tests did not pass them. “The instructors voiced their opposition to using online evaluations, but the university administration was resolute and proceeded with the plan nonetheless, despite the difficulties and without providing the instructors with any training. The vast majority of the educators had not participated in the online evaluation procedure till recently “RL Sharma, who serves as the general secretary of the Himachal Pradesh Government College Teachers Association, made the statement.

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