By | 31 Dec 2022 at 5:36 PM
Andhra Pradesh implements English as medium of instruction

The High Court did not provide private schools relief on the question of admitting children from EWS and disadvantaged groups to nursery school. The court has, for the time being, refused to overturn the December 16 verdict of a single bench, which had ordered schools to admit children from EWS and disadvantaged groups on 25% of the total number of seats in the class, notwithstanding.

The solitary judge made it clear in the ruling that the number of children admitted under the general category has nothing to do with EWS admittance. The court directed the government and the Directorate of Education to de-recognize any school that does not comply with the RTE Act. In addition, other actions were required to be done within the time restriction.

The vacation bench of Justices Sanjeev Sachdeva and Saurabh Banerjee ruled that the right to education is a welfare law, so you must enrol EWS students in accordance with the law. We will consider your input and make a decision subsequently.

The court delivered these oral statements during the appeal hearing against the single-December bench’s 16 ruling. The court refused to stay the ruling of the single court for the time being. In addition, the hearing was scheduled for January 9 before the ordinary bench.

Earlier, during the hearing, the court instructed the school to file a complaint with the Director of Education if it encountered any difficulties. Coming to court instead of protesting to the Director of Education is akin to purchasing a rail ticket at the airport.