By |27 Mar 2023 at 8:05 PM
Sir Syed's death anniversary observed at AMU

Today, the Aligarh Muslim University commemorated the death anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the institution’s founder. After the Zuhar prayer, a Quran Khwani (Quran recitation) session was held in the University Jama Masjid, and Vice Chancellor Prof Tariq Mansoor paid his respects to the mosque’s founder by placing a floral chadar on his grave.

Prof Abdul Alim (Dean of Students’ Welfare), Prof Mohd Wasim Ali (Proctor), Prof Tauqueer Alam (Dean of the Faculty of Theology), Prof Mohammad Habibullah (Chairman, Dept of Sunni Theology and Nazim-e-Deeniyaat), Prof Syed Tayyab Raza Naqvi (Chairman, Dept of Shia Theology), Dr Farooq Ahmad Dar (Provost, SS Hall

Dr. Rahat Abrar, former Director, Urdu Academy, and former PRO, AMU, presented his most recent book, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s Writings on the 1857 Revolt, to the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Tariq Mansoor, in the presence of prominent journalist, Tariq Hasan, and MIC, PRO, Prof. Shafey Kidwai.

The foreword to Dr. Abrar’s book, published by Manak Publishers in New Delhi, was written by eminent scholar David Lelyveld, who stated that “Dr. Rahat Abrar has performed a significant service by bringing these texts together and offering his own interpretation from the perspective of modern India and the challenges of a very different world.”

Profs. A. R. Kidwai and Shafey Kidwai have also provided brief commentary on the book.