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Top 10 BBA colleges in Noida to get exposure for lifetime

Top 5 Biotechnology Colleges in Pune: Bachelor of Science is one of those degrees in which students can choose from a variety of subjects. Among them are Agriculture, Zoology, and Nursing, among others. And biotechnology is one of these disciplines or disciplines. Therefore, biotechnology can be selected as an undergraduate major to obtain exceptional biotechnological positions in Pune.

Biotechnology is an overly broad discipline because it encompasses both biological and technical aspects. B Sc graduates are hired for one of the highest-paying M.Sc. biotechnology jobs in Pune. Generally, the majority of job responsibilities involve interacting with biological instruments. As part of this profession, the creation of new drugs, medicines, and instruments to facilitate biological processes is essential.

Top 5 Biotechnology Colleges in Pune

1) Fergusson College (FC)

Founded in 1895, FC is affiliated with Savitri Phule University. The initiative was taken by the Deccan Education Society. In addition to undergraduate and graduate programmes, the institute is renowned for its certification courses, vocational courses, and doctoral programmes.

The first year of a B.Sc. in biotechnology with full-time enrollment costs £11,135. The programme lasts for three years. In addition, ‘The Week Of Science’ has ranked their B.S. courses seventh out of fifty courses offered by other colleges.

2) RGIITB (Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information Technology and Biotechnology).

RGIITB is another Pune-based institution that provides quality education. In terms of affiliations, the institution is affiliated with the BVDU in Pune. In addition, the college is accredited by UGC and NAAC with a ‘A’ grade.

The availability of both undergraduate and graduate biotechnology courses aids students in obtaining BSc biotechnology jobs in Pune. Finally, the tuition for the first year of B.Sc. is 75,000.

3) is the Savitribai Phule Pune University.

SPPU is yet another well-known biotechnology company. This federal university is also known as the Eastern Oxford. It rated eleventh among all colleges in the country. In order to maintain educational standards, the university also affiliates courses with other minor institutions.

The institution offers an M.Sc. in biotechnology. The fee for the first year of the two-year programme is 21,000. Since 1949, this university has assisted students in obtaining biotechnology employment in Pune.

4) Contemporary College of Arts, Science, and Business

This university with UGC approval is located in Shivajinagar, Pune. Since 1970, the institute has provided courses in all three disciplines. The admissions process is conducted online.

Note that admission to this college is based solely on previous achievements.

They also offer graduate and undergraduate biotechnology courses. The tuition and fees for the first year at this private college in Pune are 40,000 and 36,000, respectively.

5) M.ES. Abasaheb Garware College

This private college was founded in 1945 in Pune, Maharashtra. The MAGC is currently affiliated with SPPU, Pune. With over ten Bachelor of Science (BSC) specialisations, the institute helps students develop the fundamental skills necessary for biotechnology jobs in Pune.

In addition, Biotechnology is taught as part of the 3-year B.Sc. programme. Due to the variable nature of the course’s curriculum, no estimate can be provided for its cost.

Qualifications for Jobs in Biotechnology in Pune

As one of the nation’s industrial centres, Pune provides excellent opportunities for youthful talent. Consequently, prospective candidates can advance their careers with MSc biotechnology positions in Pune. All applicants must be aware of the entry requirements for these companies.

First, enrol in college and earn a degree.

The initial stage is admission to a reputable college or university. Apply for the degree, i.e. Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology. Enrol in the programme and maintain regular and consistent attendance in order to obtain the finest BSc biotechnology jobs in Pune.

Step 2 is to complete an internship

Being enlisted in an internship can contribute significantly to career development. This can be an unpaid or paid position with a company or in Pune biotechnology jobs. The primary objective is to acquire pertinent work experience. Therefore, you should prioritise work experience over salary.

Step 3: Complete your graduate studies

After completing your undergraduate degree and practicum, you have two possible options. The first step is to be promptly placed through compass placement. Second, to be accepted into the graduate programme. By selecting the second option, a student can acquire more knowledge and earn a higher salary in biotechnology jobs in Pune.

Principal jobs in Biotechnology

Microbiology is currently one of the most demanding professions. Now, due to the incorporation of Sustainability into development, the biological aspect is taken into account. Consequently, a variety of employment opportunities are now available in MNCs, national, and local businesses.

Here are some of the best biotech opportunities in Pune that merit consideration.

  • Microbiologist
  • Enyzmologist
  • Veterinary Virologist
  • Botanical Pathologist
  • Patent Counsel
  • Plant Breeder
  • Medical Biologist
  • Bio informaticians and numerous others.

How do I apply for employment in biotechnology in Pune?

Look for positions that appear to value the candidate and are offered by a reputable organisation. Google and other social media platforms now make it simple to find job openings.

However, the best method to obtain biotechnology jobs in Pune is through campus placements.

Ensure you have all of your essential documents, including your Aadhaar card, high school and college transcripts, and your diploma.

To further impress the Hiring Officers during the interview, you may research the company’s work culture and history.

Apply for the position offline or online, whichever is appropriate. Again, on-campus placement will allow you to bypass this step. Make sure to carefully complete out the application for biotech jobs in Pune.

In the interview and other meetings, conduct yourself with poise. Ensure that you are and appear confident.

Final Verdict

If you’re searching for a job or pursuing a career in biotechnology, you should be aware of the above information. These biotechnology roles in Pune require an exceptional skill set despite the fact that there is relatively little competition for these jobs.