By | 21 Jan 2023 at 1:13 PM
J’khand govt collaborates with British High Commission to award scholarship | Education

The amount of stipend for children in classes below class 10 has been increased. These poor children from Scheduled Castes, Tribes, Nomadic and Scheduled Castes, Minorities, and Other Backward Classes will receive a stipend of Rs.4000 per year beginning with the next academic session.

Currently, such children from other backward classes receive a stipend of Rs.2250, while SC and general category children and poor children from other classes receive a stipend of Rs.3000.

According to information, the orders in this regard were issued by the Center in April-May, but due to a lack of decision, the department was unable to provide increased stipends to the children during the current academic session.

The Prime Minister Young Achievers Scholarship Scheme has been launched by the Central Government.