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UPPSC PCS Mains 2017 Result released @

UPPSC PCS Exam: On the second day of the main examination of Uttar Pradesh Combined State / Upper Subordinate Services (PCS)-2022, the General Studies examination was held on Wednesday. The paper of the first and second papers was held in the morning shift from 930 to 1230 and from two to five in the afternoon respectively. In the General Studies first paper, an interesting question was asked about Purvanchal. Through this question, the candidates were asked to present the details of the major folk songs prevalent in the Purvanchal region of UP and mention their characteristics. Current developments, international relations as well as questions focused on Uttar Pradesh were asked in both the papers. Candidates told that the questions were easy as compared to last year.

What percentage gave the exam

Through the questions, an attempt was made to test the practical knowledge of the candidates along with the bookish knowledge. There were three questions in the first paper which were asked in the previous examinations. On Wednesday, out of 5798 candidates registered in Prayagraj, Ghaziabad and Lucknow, 5262 (90.76 percent) candidates appeared in the examination.

Question asked on UP Special

A total of 40 questions were asked in both the papers out of which eight questions were related to Uttar Pradesh. In the first question paper, apart from the questions based on the folk songs of Purvanchal, throw light on the nature of the renaissance in Uttar Pradesh in the 19th century in the questions related to UP. What is Heritage Arch? Underline its importance in Uttar Pradesh from the point of view of tourism potential. What is Smart City Mission? Discuss the main features of the cities selected for this scheme in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Give a detailed description of the irrigation projects of Uttar Pradesh with examples. Mention the various festivals celebrated in Uttar Pradesh.