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UPSC Interview 2022: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam is regarded as one of the most difficult. To determine who must work during the day and at night. The UPSC exam is divided into three stages: preliminary, mains, and interview. The final stage is the interview where candidates who have passed the mains examination arrive. Candidates who are preparing for UPSC or will be doing so in the future, please tell us how candidates should dress during the UPSC interview.

The UPSC interview is a formal process in which the board panel assesses the candidates’ personalities. In such a case, on the day of the interview, the candidates are concerned about what and how they should dress, as well as whether the clothes they will wear are comfortable.

“Candidates waste the most time on what to wear during the UPSC interview,” IAS Tanu said. This, however, should not be done. Candidates should understand that this is a personality test, and clothing is a part of personality. In such a case, whatever the candidate wears on the day of the interview, the colour of the clothes and the formal dress must be considered.

In this outfit, boys should wear a coat, slacks, a shirt, and a tie. When choosing clothing, consider whether it is formal or casual, and whether the colour is not too flashy. The lining of the coat should not be shiny. Shirts should be coordinated with plain and coat shirts. Formal shoes are required. There should be no sports shoes or any other type of shoe. When you are ready to dress for the interview, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I look like an officer?”

Saree, on the other hand, looks great on women. A girl can also wear a suit if she so desires. Girls select the clothes from a suit or saree that are most comfortable for them. Tanu Jain, an IAS, stated, “I have seen many girls who do not feel comfortable in a saree, but everyone says that if one should wear a saree, she wears it and later she is unable to handle the saree.” In such a situation, girls should avoid it as well.

Let us tell you that if girls wear saris, they should be formal and not glittery. Girls can see what kind of saris the senior officer wears by watching YouTube videos.