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UPSC Success Story 2023: Every year, lakhs of UPSC hopefuls take the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Saloni Verma was one of the candidates who did not seek coaching while prepping for India’s most difficult exam and passed with a rank of 70. Let us know how they are preparing.

Saloni Verma is from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, but she learned primarily in Delhi. He began studying for the UPSC test after finishing his graduation. He did not attend any UPSC training classes. He cleared this exam solely through self-study.

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Is it necessary to undergo UPSC coaching?

Saloni advised candidates to be conscious of their potential while preparing for this test. He thinks that studying in a coaching program is not required to pass the UPSC exam. However, he thinks that if candidates do not know when or where to begin their preparation, they can seek guidance from coaching.

Despite her failure in her first attempt, she did not give up and continued working toward her objective. He thinks that studying should be done every day, without fail.

IAS Saloni thinks that perseverance, excellent planning, revision, answer writing practice, and a positive attitude are the keys to success. In his third year of college, he began his UPSC training.

They expected her to pass the test by 2019, when she was about to graduate. In an interview, he stated, “Prepare for prelims and mains together, and focus more on mains because its syllabus is larger than prelims.”