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IIM students, teachers slam Citizenship Amendment Act

Allaying fear of a section of its students who had sought fee waiver citing uncertainty to jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the authorities of the IIM-Calcutta have said that the institute will do everything possible to facilitate timely completion of the MBA programme.

Concern raised by the students in the ‘ever-changing scenario’ triggered by the coronavirus outbreak has been at the forefront of its focus, IIM-Calcutta Director Anju Seth said.

Responding to a letter sent by the students’ council, she said, “We know your plans have been altered and you face unforeseen challenges. Your safety is our primary consideration, and we will do our very best to bring students to the IIMC campus at the earliest time with all possible precautions in place. We miss you and want you here!…” Seth assured the students that the authorities are committed to the timely completion of the MBA programme.

“Given the complexity of the situation and the ever- changing scenario, our plans are necessarily still in flux.

Please rest assured that all of us at IIM Calcutta are doing everything possible to facilitate your safe, timely, and successful completion of the MBA programme,” the director’s letter said.

The students’ council president Hunar Gandhi had earlier said the situation of the economy looked grim and the graduating batches might be adversely affected in terms of future prospects.

“Many avail (of) hefty student loans while others end up spending their savings from previous jobs for this course.

“While we are managing personal finances in these difficult times, we cannot afford to be paying the same fees for a different and lesser experience than we signed up for,” the students’ council leader said in a letter.

A student of the MBA course now pays Rs 22 lakh and the fee is payable over six terms.

The director acknowledged the anxieties and concern of the students.

“Yes, there is uncertainty, but I have every confidence that we will work together to build a particularly positive and even stronger IIM Calcutta experience … I am counting on you.

“Please convey my best wishes to all our incredibly special students. We understand your anxieties and concerns, and hope to provide you with more specifics soon,” she added.

Source: PTI