By | 08 Jan 2023 at 10:49 PM
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School Winter Holidays 2023: Jharkhand’s cold winds continued on Sunday. Kankani survived as a result of this. The minimum temperature is steadily decreasing. Kanke, near Ranchi, was the coldest place in the last 24 hours. The temperature here hovered around one degree. The low temperature in Palamu was also 4 degrees. Due to the outbreak of a cold, the state government has ordered all schools to keep classes up to the fifth grade closed until January 15.

Education Secretary K. Ravi Kumar has directed that academic work in government, non-government, aided (including minority) and private schools in the state from first to fifth grades be suspended from January 4 to 8. Currently, the outbreak of icy winds is not abating. As a result, classes from Kindergarten to V in all state schools will be closed until January 14. Classes will resume on a regular basis on January 16. During this time, government school teachers will be present in the school.

The mercury is constantly falling in the state as a result of the icy winds. Medininagar in Palamu recorded a temperature of 4.1 degrees. Ranchi’s Kanke, on the other hand, had a minimum temperature of 1.0 degrees. In McCluskiganj, the temperature was 2.0 degrees. Ranchi and Jamshedpur, on the other hand, had minimum temperatures of 10.0 degrees Celsius. Simdega, Ramgarh, and Khunti districts in the state are also experiencing harsh winter conditions. The wind speed in Ranchi during the night was 7 to 8 kilometres per hour.

Minimum temperature is still below normal in most parts of the state, according to the Meteorological Department. The northern parts of the state experienced fog in the morning. It is foggy during the day because of the Bihar border. But as soon as the sun came out, the fog lifted.

Temperature in major districts (in degrees)
District Max Min

Kanke 19.3 1.0
McCluskieganj 22.0 2.0

Ranchi 25.3 10.0
Jamshedpur 27.7 10.0

Medininagar 25.8 4.1
Bokaro 23.1 7.1

Deoghar 22.5 7.9
Giridih 23.1 8.2

Ramgarh 23.9 6.4

Simdega 25.2 5.4

Ranchi Meteorologist Abhishek Anand said that the border areas of Bihar would remain foggy during the morning. Kankani will increase in other parts of the state including the capital for the next two days, but after that there will be changes.

Demand to change school timings

State President of Jharkhand Progressive Teachers Association Anand Kishore Sahu and General Secretary Baljit Kumar Singh have demanded change in school timings from the government amidst the havoc of the icy winds in the state. He said that due to the cold, the children were finding it difficult to reach the school at nine in the morning, so the school timings should be changed from 10 to two in the morning.