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World Scout Jamboree: Are BTS Members going to deliver a performance?

According to K-media news, the said event was affected by extreme weather conditions and an unexpected lack of preparation.

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World Scout Jamboree: BTS members are currently on a group hiatus. After going on hiatus, they went through the mandatory military recruitment process and began working on their solo projects. While Jin and J-hope are already in the service, Suga also shared his plans to join the service. In the midst of this, Sung Il Jong, a member of South Korea’s ruling party, extended an invitation to the widely popular K-Pop supergroup BTS to perform at the challenging 25th World Scout Jamboree.

About the World Scout Jamboree

According to K-media news, the said event was affected by extreme weather conditions and an unexpected lack of preparation. On August 8, Sung Il Jong contacted the Korean Ministry of Defense and asked if BTS members, including those currently serving in the military, would participate in a concert for attendees of the event.

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In a previous Facebook post, the politician shared his desire for BTS to raise the country’s profile at the World Scout Jamboree. However, the Ministry of Defense responded to the appeal stating that the agency representing the group, HYBE, needed negotiations.

Conversation with HYBE

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense emphasized the importance of involving both the military departments and the management company of the artists in the matter. Meanwhile, the ongoing 25th World Scout Jamboree, currently held in the Saemangeum area of ​​North Jeolla Province, faces several challenges. With 43,000 scouts from 158 countries participating in the event, the event was plagued by a deadly heat wave, resulting in the evacuation and departure of a significant number of participants. The problems of the event are compounded by controversial allegations of misuse of taxpayers’ money to prepare for the event.

BTS documentary series, concert coming to Disney streaming services

Will all seven BTS members appear at this event?

While ARMYs are looking forward to getting their OT7 team back together and performing together on stage, they may have to wait for the rehearsal schedules. According to K-media, BTS will not perform at the event. No word on where the talks broke down. So fans will have to wait until 2025 for the band to reunite and then perform together.

Meanwhile, BTS is still a globally recognized group that debuted in 2013. The members of the group include RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, J-hope, Jungkook and V. Meanwhile, BTS Suga helped HYBE earn more than 1 trillion KRW in 6 months. Most of the gain came from better sales performance, especially in the second quarter of 2023. Suga’s “D-Day” world tour in the United States and Asia played a big role.

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