By | June 11, 2022
Get vs Got: Difference between Get and Got

Get vs Got: When we talk about getting something, we usually mean that something is handed to us or that we go out and search for it. Got, on the other hand, is a more informal term that is often used when we are talking about ourselves. For example, if someone says ‘I don’t have time to get lost in thought,’ they might be using got as a replacement for the more formal ‘I cannot afford to lose track of time.’

What is the difference between Get and Got?

The most common difference between Get and Got is that Get is a verb and Got is a noun. However, there are other differences as well. For example, Get usually means to obtain something, while Got usually means to take possession of something. Additionally, Get can be used as a regular verb or an auxiliary verb, while Got cannot.

Got vs Get in Sentences

When it comes to using “got” and “got” in sentences, there is a difference that needs to be understood. “Got” is used when possession or ownership is being talked about, while “get” is used when receiving something as a gift. For example:

The child got the ball. (The child has the ball.)
The ball got given to the child. (The ball was given to the child as a gift.)

Examples of Got

If you want to say that a person has something, usually you use the verb “to get,” as in “The student got an A on his test.”

However, if what you want to say is that someone already has something, you might use the verb “to have” or “to have got.” For example:

The student has got an A on his test.
The dog has got a bone.

Examples of Get

1. “I got a new job.”
2. “I got a promotion.”
3. “I got a prize.”
4. “I got my degree.”

Get vs Got: Conclusion

In this article, we will be looking at the difference between ‘get’ and ‘got’. We will also discuss when you would use each of these words and why. Finally, we will give you a few examples to help make the distinction clear.