By | 21 Dec 2019 at 6:51 PM
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The Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations (FAAA), on behalf of its member associations across the United States, strongly condemn the use of force against the AMU student demonstrators.

It is appalling that the Vice-Chancellor asked the police in writing to enter the campus and forcibly drag students out of their hostel rooms. The Police beat the students without any mercy for merely exercising their constitutional rights to demonstrate against the enactment of the patently discriminatory Act. (i.e. Citizenship Amendment Act). It is shameful that the AMU administration has closed the university without any regards to students’ well-being- especially to the poor and out of state students who may not have resources to leave or places to go within hours’ notice.

For example, where would Kashmiri students go and how will they reach their homes under the security circumstances in that state. Similarly, allowing police to arrest students from their rooms and take them to remote locations for interrogation not only jeopardize their physical well-being but also their job prospects within and outside India. They may be criminally charged, and those charges may stay with them for the rest of their lives.

At such a juncture, the AMU Vice-Chancellor should have been with the students, supporting their demands, and protecting against police atrocities. Particularly when their demands are for more inclusive and non-discriminatory laws to benefit the society at large, and nothing for their gain.

It breaks our hearts to learn that the VC did exactly the opposite- asked the police in writing to enter the campus and use all necessary force to crush their voices.

The main purpose of the FAAA is to help and promote the interests of the students. Under the circumstances, it is unfathomable for us not to support our AMU students and not to condemn the Vice-Chancellor’s actions. It is impossible to work with the Vice-Chancellor on any activities, invite him as the head of the institution, or honour as AMU VC in the United States. The FAAA has lost complete faith in his leadership and demand that he should immediately resign and allow the healing process, to begin with, new leadership at the helm.

It is our collective decision to not invite and/or honour this Vice-Chancellor in the US. We will also communicate our resolution to the Government of India, the Executive Council of the University, and other concerned individuals/organizations.

Therefore, be it resolved, And the FAAA demands that:

1. Vice-Chancellor should resign immediately.

2. Under the new leadership, the university should be opened, and students should be brought back with immediate effect.

3. University should work with police and other agencies to get the students released from custody and make sure that the records of their arrest are expunged.

4. Provide all necessary help to the students including medical treatment/s.

5. Allow peaceful demonstrations without fear of force and intimidation.