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Where vs Were: Difference between Where and Were

Where vs Were: When you want to talk about location, there are two main verbs you use: “to where” and “to were.” To where is to tell someone or something where you are directing them physically. To were is to tell someone or something where they are in time. For example, if you say “I went to the store,” that means you went to the store physically (you “went there”), but if you say “I was at the store,” that means you were there at some point in time (you were “there”).

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What is the difference?

Where you are located:

If you are talking about geographical location, then where you are located would be your city or town. Were refers to a place in the past tense and it is used for when talking about events that have already happened. For example, “I was at the store yesterday.”

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The difference between where and were?
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The main difference between where and were is that were is used to describe something that has already happened, while where is used to describe something that is happening or will happen. For example, in the sentence “I was going to the store,” “going” is in the present tense, so it’s using were. “The store” is in the future tense, so it’s using where.

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Where vs Were: Conclusion

When it comes to the two words “where” and “were,” there is a lot of confusion. People often use them interchangeably without knowing the difference, which can lead to some frustrating errors. In this article, we will help clear up any confusion you might have about these two word and their respective meanings.