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Blue Christmas 2022: December 21 is a special day—it marks the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. This day has been celebrated around the world for as long as anyone can remember, but in recent years, it has become associated with something else: Blue Christmas. For those who don’t know about Blue Christmas, it’s an event that takes place every December 21 where people come together to mourn and remember lost loved ones. It’s a time to reflect on our lives and the memories we share with those who are no longer here. In this article, we will explore the origins of Blue Christmas and how it’s becoming increasingly popular across countries and cultures.

What is blue Christmas?

Blue Christmas is a somber holiday that is celebrated in December by people who are grieving. The name comes from the blue lights that are often used to decorate homes during this time. Blue Christmas can be a difficult time for those who have recently lost a loved one, but it is also a time of hope and remembrance.

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Where did the tradition come from?

The tradition of Blue Christmas came from the United States in the 1930s. It was originally a time for people who were struggling with depression and loneliness during the holiday season. The tradition has since been adopted by other countries and has become a time for people to come together and support each other.

How do people celebrate it?

The holiday of Christmas is celebrated in many different ways around the world. In the United States, people typically decorate their homes with lights and Christmas trees, exchange gifts with family and friends, and attend church services.

In other countries, Christmas traditions vary. For example, in Mexico, people often celebrate with a special dinner on Christmas Eve called La Posada. This dinner includes a variety of traditional Mexican dishes and is usually followed by a piñata party.

No matter how it is celebrated, Christmas is a time for families and friends to come together and enjoy each other’s company.

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What are some of the benefits to celebrating blue Christmas?

1. Some of the benefits of celebrating blue Christmas are:

-It can help people who are grieving during the holidays to feel less alone and more understood.
-Blue Christmas can be a time for people to remember and reflect on loved ones who have passed away.
-It can also be a time for people to come together and support each other if they are going through a tough time.
– Celebrating blue Christmas can help create new traditions and memories that can be cherished for years to come.

Are there any drawbacks to blue Christmas?

Yes, there are some drawbacks to blue Christmas. One is that it can be difficult to find blue Christmas decorations. Another is that blue is a not a very popular color, so you may have a hard time finding blue Christmas items in stores. Finally, some people believe that blue Christmas is unlucky and may bring bad luck to your home.


Year Date Day
2021 December 21 Tuesday
2022 December 21 Wednesday
2023 December 21 Thursday
2024 December 21 Saturday
2025 December 21 Sunday


Blue Christmas is an unique celebration that occurs every December 21 in many places around the world. It is a day to honor and remember those who have passed away, while also creating happy memories with your friends and family. No matter how you celebrate it, Blue Christmas has something special to offer everyone! We hope that this article has inspired you to make the most of Blue Christmas this year by finding creative ways to make the holiday season even brighter for those near and dear to your heart.

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