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Fast of Esther 2023 : Date, History, Facts about Esther

The Fast of Esther is observed on the day preceding the holiday of Purim; this year, it will be observed on March 6. We are here to tell you how to observe the holiday in the most appropriate manner. Do you know that “The Book of Esther” was written more than two thousand years ago? The fast commemorates the events described in “The Book of Esther.” The Fast of Esther is a minor fast day that begins at dawn and concludes at dusk. Food and water are prohibited during these hours, but all other bodily comforts are permitted.

The background of Fast of Esther

The Fast of Esther commemorates the events described in “The Book of Esther.” Some say that a fast is observed on this day because Esther fasted for three days and three nights on this day. It is believed that Mordecai proclaimed a three-day fast when he told Esther about Haman’s plans, and Esther suggested that she and the Jewish community of Shushan observe the fast. Haman, the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, was displeased when he learned that Mordechai would not bow down to him, according to legend. When he discovered that Mordechai was a Jew, he convinced King Ahasuerus to give him permission to execute the entire Jewish community.

Esther intervened and decided to thwart Haman’s scheme. Haman was invited to a banquet. Haman accepted the invitation and begged for mercy on Esther’s couch. However, Queen Esther informed the king that Haman was on his way to kill her. Infuriated, the king entered the banquet; upon seeing Haman on the couch, he interpreted this as a sexual advance and became even more enraged. Haman was executed.

Some scholars believe that the Jews who went into battle with their enemies fasted in order to gain divine favour. King Ahasuerus had initially issued orders to kill the Jews, which he was unable to rescind. Ahasuerus then commanded the Jews to retaliate and kill anyone who attempted to murder them. It is said that the Jews fasted before engaging in battle and killing over 75,000 men.

Jews have observed the Fast of Esther on the day preceding the Purim holiday for centuries. Some also believe that the fast is observed in order to cancel out the feasting and revelry of Purim.

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“The Book of Ruth” is the other book named after a woman; “The Book of Esther” is one of two books named after women.

It is believed that her cousin Mordecai or Ezra is the author of “The Book of Esther.”

The events described in “The Book of Esther” are believed to have taken place in Susa, the modern city of Sush in Iran.

Adar is the only biblical month to be mentioned in “The Book of Esther.”

It is the only Hebrew Bible book that does not mention God.


Year Date Day
2022 March 16 Wednesday
2023 March 6 Monday
2024 March 23 Saturday
2025 March 13 Thursday
2026 March 2 Monday