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International Asteroid Day 2023: Date, History, Activities

The majority of people are understandably so preoccupied with events on Earth that they are unaware that asteroids pose a threat to our safety. International Asteroid Day is a fantastic method to combat the issue's lack of awareness.

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On June 30, International Asteroid Day, everyone will be gazing upwards. The holiday was established following the 2014 publication of the film 51 Degrees North, which examines what would occur if an asteroid struck London. The film’s creators, many of whom are scientists, wished to increase public awareness of the threat that asteroids pose to Earth and how we can defend ourselves. To accomplish this, they established a foundation, and in 2015 they held the first International Asteroid Day. There are more than a million potentially hazardous asteroids in space, but scientists have only discovered about one percent of them. To combat this, the architects of Asteroid Day, along with a number of distinguished scientists, created the 100X Asteroid Declaration. Scientists are tasked with increasing the rate of asteroid discovery to 100,000 per year within a decade. International Asteroid Day concentrates on disseminating the declaration and assisting Earthlings in preparing for a potential asteroid impact.

The background of International Asteroid Day

The majority of people are understandably so preoccupied with events on Earth that they are unaware that asteroids pose a threat to our safety. International Asteroid Day is a fantastic method to combat the issue’s lack of awareness. In the event that an asteroid does strike the earth, the holiday and the movement surrounding it may have a significant impact on how well people are prepared to defend themselves.International Asteroid Day encourages common individuals to hit the books and learn more about the sky above us and the galaxy that surrounds us. The holiday encourages established scientists to conduct additional research and possibly increase funding for science. Now that the holiday has been officially recognised by the United Nations General Assembly, there will be even more encouragement for research. Cheers to creating intelligent minds!Humans are more alike than they are distinct, and nothing demonstrates this more than a shared threat that could threaten the entire planet. The effort to protect humanity from asteroids will be much more effective if the world’s brightest minds collaborate and share their ideas.

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Community event planning.

If there is not already an Asteroid Day event in your area, you should consider organising one. Typically, the holiday is observed with lectures, discussions, and concerts. Hosting your own event could be beneficial for your community. It’s also a great way to do your part to raise awareness and to connect with community members who share your interest in asteroids.

Consider 51 Degrees North

Visit the film that began it all, but be prepared for an emotional roller coaster. The film is fictional, but it explores a potential real-world scenario and provokes considerable thought. It is an excellent incentive to learn more about asteroids and how to remain safe in the event of a collision.

Volunteer for the organisers of Asteroid Day.

Creators and organisers of Asteroid Day are in need of volunteers to assist with the seamless operation of worldwide events. This year, it is anticipated that more than 700 events will take place, and volunteers can help set up events, create content, design illustrations, and spread the word.


Year Date Day
2023 June 30 Friday
2024 June 30 Sunday
2025 June 30 Monday
2026 June 30 Tuesday
2027 June 30 Wednesday
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