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International Stand Up to Bullying Day 2023: Date, History, Facts

International Stand Against Bullying Day is celebrated twice yearly, in February and November. In February, the day occurs on the last Friday of the month, whereas in November, it occurs on the third Friday of the month. It will be celebrated again on February 24. The February observances are part of Anti-Bullying Week, which seeks to promote empathy and end bullying and harassment. It is observed in over 25 countries by schools, workplaces, and organisations. Bullying can have long-lasting effects on a person’s psyche; therefore, it is crucial to recognise instances of bullying and immediately stop them.

The background of International Stand Up to Bullying Day

International Stand Against Bullying Day was founded by two Nova Scotian 12th graders. Travis Price and David Shepherd protested the bullying of a fellow student for wearing a pink shirt. They purchased fifty pink t-shirts from a discount store and emailed their classmates, asking them to wear the same shirts the following day in support of the victimised student. Many students wore the shirts, while the rest wore pink clothing of their own. Their creative and generous act gained widespread recognition in Canada, the United States of America, and other countries. By the following year, International Stand Up to Bullying Day had become a worldwide phenomenon.

International Stand Up to Bullying Day occurs in February and November of each year. The November occasion occurs during Anti-Bullying Week. Participants sign and wear pink “pledge shirts” to demonstrate their opposition to bullying. The shirts express disapproval of bullying and show support for the victims. This is a non-confrontational method of standing up to bullies. It was first observed in February 2008, when 236 schools, workplaces, and organisations wore pink pledge shirts. With assistance from event coordinators, each participating school, workplace, or organisation hosts its own booth. Bully Help Initiatives and similar organisations are committed to developing effective victim support structures.

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One-fifth of 12 to 18-year-olds have been bullied during the school year.

About 160,000 adolescents have abandoned school due to bullying.

79% of incidents involve verbal harassment, 50% involve social harassment, 29% involve physical bullying, and 25% involve cyberbullying.

Students who were bullied scored lower than their peers in reading, mathematics, and science.

Only 39% of high school students report bullying to an adult.


Year Date Day
2022 November 18 Friday
2023 February 24 Friday
2023 November 17 Friday
2024 February 23 Friday
2024 November 15 Friday
2025 February 28 Friday
2025 November 21 Friday
2026 February 27 Friday
2026 November 20 Friday