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International Women of Color Day 2023: Date, History, Facts

International Women of Color Day is celebrated annually on March 1. It was established by the National Institute for Women of Color, or N.I.W.C., which is no longer active. This day is intended to honour the contributions and accomplishments of diverse women of colour. Today, we also honour their supporters. The holiday was initially observed in Washington, D.C. The day serves as a reminder that all contributions made by women of colour will be acknowledged and evaluated fairly. It is celebrated in the United States and is a global event that occurs everywhere.

The background of International Women of Color Day

International Women of Color Day honours the contributions and traditions of diverse women of colour. It is celebrated in 25 U.S. states and five foreign countries. On International Women of Color Day, numerous events, such as the Outstanding Women of Color and Girls of Color awards, are held to honour women from diverse backgrounds. This day also honours the men, women, and interest groups who fight daily against discrimination and racism on behalf of women of colour.

The National Institute for Women of Color (N.I.W.C.) was founded to protect the rights of women of colour and assist them in establishing a supportive framework. Suzanne Brooks, CEO of the International Association for Women of Color Day, served the N.I.W.C. for eleven years and contributed to its growth. This was largely the initiative of Washington State University undergraduate and graduate students.

Since 1991, Sacramento has hosted the Annual Community Women of Color Day, also known as the Diversity Event. This event is held annually on the first Sunday of March, and it features both local vendors and small exhibitions. Due to the assistance of advertisers and charitable organisations, they are also able to raise funds to aid indigent women. Northern California women have received more than 250 Outstanding Women and Girls of Color awards over the years. Small business owners, organisations, men, women, and all those who contribute to making the world a more equitable place are appreciated.

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5 fascinating facts about women of colour

Recent research revealed that only 67 of the 532 African-American women who graduated from Harvard Business School between 1977 and 2015 achieved executive-level positions.

Another 2006 survey revealed that women of colour are the group most likely to experience workplace harassment.

Women of colour are likely to receive less promotion support from their superiors.

Women of colour are excluded from informal networks and do not receive mentoring or guidance that would be beneficial.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that women of color’s statements are remembered less accurately than those of their white peers.


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