By | 19 Mar 2023 at 11:27 PM
Kiss Your Fiance Day 2023: History

National Kiss Your Fiance Day occurs annually on March 20, and we are thrilled about this opportunity to celebrate love and romance with our significant other. Kisses are one way to express your love for your fiancé, with whom you plan to spend the remainder of your life. According to research, kissing increases intimacy in relationships.

The background of Kiss Your Fiance Day

A greeting has multiple meanings and serves various purposes. Since antiquity, a soft, well-placed kiss on the face or hand denotes a form of greeting between two people, a kiss on the forehead denotes reassurance and trust, and the most significant kiss is one shared by two people who are head over heels in love. Sharing a kiss with your significant other strengthens your love and affection, deepens your intimacy, and is therapeutic.

National Kiss Your Fiance Day’s origins are at best obscure, but the history of kissing dates back 3,500 years to ancient India. The second school of thought, supported by historical Indian writings, asserts that kissing evolved as a result of the Indian greeting that involved rubbing the noses together. In certain instances, their nostrils slipped and their mouths met, causing them to discover the pleasure of kissing.
The conquering armies of Alexander the Great spread the Indian custom of kissing to other cultures.

The origin of National Kiss Your Finance Day was to remind engaged and soon-to-be-wed couples to take time and enjoy the romantic delight of kissing. This day serves as a useful reminder of the power of kissing in fostering intimacy in a relationship, as life and marriage planning can be stressful and make it easy to neglect to be intimate on a deeper level.