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As December arrives and the holiday season turns into full swing, many families around the world celebrate the seven-day festival of Kwanzaa. This celebration dates back to 1966 in America, and is now celebrated by millions of people in different countries. Kwanzaa is a time for family, friends and communities to come together, celebrate African heritage and remember our ancestors. It has become a great way to start off the New Year with an appreciation for history, culture and those around us. In this blog post we will explore Kwanzaa’s background and its observance today. Plus, we will give you some tips on how to make this holiday even more special!

What is Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa is a week-long African American and Pan-African holiday that celebrates family, community, and culture. It is observed from December 26th to January 1st. The name Kwanzaa comes from the Swahili phrase “matunda ya kwanza” which means “first fruits of the harvest”.

During Kwanzaa, families and friends come together to celebrate their African heritage and reflect on the principles of Nguzo Saba (the Seven Principles of African Heritage). These principles are:

Unity: To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.

Self-Determination: To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves.

Collective Work and Responsibility: To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers’ and sisters’ problems our problems, and to solve them together.

Cooperative Economics: To pool our resources together to buy from and support our own businesses, especially black-owned businesses.

Purpose: To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

Creativity: To do always as much as we can in the way we can in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

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The seven principles of Kwanzaa

1. Kwanzaa is an African American and Pan-African holiday that celebrates family, community, and culture.
2. Its principles, or Nguzo Saba, are unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith.
3. Kwanzaa is celebrated from December 26th to January 1st.
4. On the first day of Kwanzaa, families gather and a kinara (candleholder) is lit. One candle is lit on each of the seven nights of Kwanzaa.
5. Gifts are often given during Kwanzaa to children and others in the community as a way to reaffirm African traditions and values.
6. Families often spend time during Kwanzaa feasting, singing, dancing, and sharing stories about their ancestors.
7. The holiday culminates with a communal feast known as Karamu on New Year’s Eve followed by fireworks displays and parties across the country

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What foods are traditionally eaten during Kwanzaa?

There are seven principles of Kwanzaa, and each one is represented by a different food. The foods are:

1. African groundnut soup
2. Fried plantains
3. Stewed chicken
4. Rice and beans
5. Collard greens
6. Sweet potato pie
7. Black-eyed peas

How do people celebrate Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa is a holiday that celebrates African-American culture and heritage. The holiday is observed from December 26 to January 1. On each of the seven days of Kwanzaa, people celebrate one of the following principles:

Day 1: Umoja (Unity)
Day 2: Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)
Day 3: Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility)
Day 4: Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)
Day 5: Nia (Purpose)
Day 6: Kuumba (Creativity)
Day 7: Imani (Faith)

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Kwanzaa is an important tradition for many African Americans in the United States, as it serves to celebrate their cultural heritage. Taking place on December 26 each year, Kwanzaa has become a popular way of celebrating and paying tribute to one’s ancestors while also providing a time of reflection upon how far we have come and how much further we can go. We hope this article has shed some light on the history of this holiday and its importance to the African American community. We encourage everyone to learn more about Kwanzaa and what it stands for so that they can properly appreciate this important celebration.


Year Date Day
2022 December 26 Monday
2023 December 26 Tuesday
2024 December 26 Thursday
2025 December 26 Friday
2026 December 26 Saturday


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