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National Anita Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

National Anita Day is observed annually on May 13. Anita is a Spanish name for girls that means ‘graceful.’ It can be a shortened form of the Spanish name Juanita, which is a classic name with widespread popularity. Hundreds of famous individuals have borne this name over the course of two centuries, including American lawyer Anita Hill, singer Anita Baker, and Pointer Sisters co-founder Anita Pointer. National Anita Day is a time to remember and honour all women with the name Anita, and to express gratitude for the impact they have had on our lives.

The background of National Anita Day

Due to its classic and uncomplicated nature, the name Anita has been accepted in many parts of the globe. In western countries, it is more commonly known as a variation of Anna or Ana. It is also the feminine form of the Indian word Anit, which signifies “endless happiness.”

The first occurrence of the name was in 1880, when it was given to 16 newborn infants. In 1956, the number of female infants with the name reached a record high of over 400. Statistics indicate that for every 100,000 Americans, at least 100 are named Anita. Over the years, more than 214,000 individuals have registered the name Anita. Anita exemplifies grace and favour, as evidenced by the accomplishments of several well-known women. Numerous famous women, including the Dutch singer Anita Meyer, the American R&B and soul singer Anita Baker, the Spanish Flamenco performer and dancer Anita Delgado, and many others, are recognised for exhibiting these qualities.

In contrast, many other Anitas have entered riskier professions, thereby creating opportunities for themselves and other women. In addition to gymnastics, politics, international affairs, and competitive sports, these women have made their mark in a variety of disciplines. People such as American jurist and women’s rights activist Anita Faye Hill, freestyle wrestlers Anita Schatzle and Anita Sheoran, and jazz vocalist Anita O’Day have given Anita a bold, distinctive personality. Diverse natures are one reason to revere the name and what it stands for.

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Please contact Anita

Regardless of their role in your life, you should reach out to Anita. Accentuate their commendable characteristics and express your gratitude.

Observe an Anita

Multiple women, including Anita Addison, have directed and produced outstanding films. Choose a genre-appropriate Anita-produced film and enjoy your day.

Listen to Anita Music is a soul-soothing elixir.

Anita will broaden your musical preferences. If you enjoy jazz, you can listen to Anita O’Day or Anita Perras, respectively.


Anita Hill earned her law degree from Yale University, a prestigious institution.

Elvis Presley recorded “Fairytale,” which was written by Anita Pointer.

Anita Baker’s mother abandoned her as a child.

Anita Conti, a French explorer, was the country’s first female oceanographer.

Anita Wodarczyk, a polish hammer thrower, became the first woman in history to hurl the hammer over 262 feet.


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