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National Emergency Number Day 2024: History, and Facts about emergencies

National Emergency Number Day, observed annually on February 11 in the European Union, raises awareness of potential emergencies and encourages responsible actions to prevent damage.

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National Emergency Number Day 2024: Finland observes National Emergency Number Day on February 11 each year. They did not, however, choose this day at random! Since 112 is the universal emergency number for the European Union, the date is February 11. The purpose of National Emergency Number Day is to raise awareness of potentially harmful situations and to stop mishaps in public places such as homes, schools, and other places. The day also teaches individuals to reduce damage caused in situations by acting immediately and responsibly. It is also a good idea to change your phone’s emergency contact numbers on this Day.

National Emergency Day’s History

Finland had a large range of local emergency centers and emergency numbers before 112. Introduced in 1983 as the national emergency number 000, the European Union’s single emergency number 112 was established in 1993. The Emergency Response Center Agency was founded in 2001, and up until 2011, the police emergency number was 10022. Additionally, in 2021, 112. Finland’s Emergency Response Center Agency might be reached.

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In Europe, the current emergency number, 112, was first implemented in early 1993. The European Union’s emergency number is 112, however, member states’ implementations of the number vary greatly. In certain nations, citizens may need to contact multiple emergency numbers to get their complaints resolved.

Answering emergency calls, determining their urgency, and notifying rescue agencies, law enforcement, the Border Guard, social services, or medical authorities so they can take prompt, compassionate action are the responsibilities of the Emergency Response Center Agency. The European Union launched ERICA, a national emergency response center information system, in 2019.

The introduction of the new emergency response information system made it possible to implement a complex model that could respond to accidents and emergencies. The new technology made it possible to provide emergency response center services—including during large-scale gatherings and disruptive events—with more assurance and quality. National Emergency Number Day honors the vital role first responders play in preserving our safety and well-being.

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Methods To Visit National Emergency Day

Express gratitude to first responders

Expressing gratitude to first responders and emergency services personnel is a wonderful way to commemorate National Emergency Number Day. We appreciate their alertness and altruistic responsibility.

Make a contact list update.

Adding friends and family member’s contact information to your emergency contact list is

beneficial in addition to the public hotline numbers. Update your emergency contact list in honor of National Emergency Number Day.

Give the number to someone.

Everyone needs to commit emergency numbers to memory. However, a lot of individuals are not aware of them. On This Day, compile a list of all the emergency numbers and distribute it to your friends.

Five useful facts regarding emergencies

  • Instead, hold your nose closed for around ten minutes to halt the bleeding.
  • Instead, try rinsing them with cool water.
  • The soreness may get greater due to the bacteria in the meat.
  • The greatest treatment for edema is cold.
  • Make sure you understand how to perform the Heimlich maneuver correctly because doing it incorrectly can cause more harm than good.

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The significance of National Emergency Number Day

It keeps people alive.

Emergency numbers are life-saving. Emergency numbers are required to call for first responders and specialists in risky situations. The significance of these numbers is commemorated on National Emergency Number Day.

It’s a significant endeavor.

If you find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar area, the European Union’s attempt to establish a single emergency number is quite helpful. It saves you time in finding the local emergency numbers and enables you to receive assistance promptly.

It honors first responders.

Additionally, National Emergency Number Day honors the amazing work that first responders perform. On this day, we express our gratitude for their vital role in preserving law and order and saving lives.


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