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National Garage Condo Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Events

National Garage Condo Day is annually observed on September 21. It was founded by Garage Condos, L.L.C. in 2020 and is a day of appreciation for garage condominiums that have benefited the lives of consumers. Garage condos are storage units in the form of a rentable garage equipped with electricity, climate control, water, and 24-hour access. Since their inception in 1999, garage condos have provided consumers with ample space in which to store their belongings securely and safely.

The background of National Garage Condo Day

In 1912, architects began praising the utility of a “new type of outbuilding” referred to as a “garage.” The term was derived from the French word ‘garer,’ which means’shelter.’ Prior to this, horses and automobiles shared carriage houses. Before garages were exclusively private, enormous garages were constructed by individuals who rented parking space to car owners. However, these public garages were inconvenient because car owners had to travel away from their residences to store their vehicles. Soon thereafter, garages began to replace carriage houses on private properties.

C.G. Johnson devised the first overhead garage door in 1921, which consisted of hinged panels that bent as the door was raised. After five years, Johnson devised the first electric garage door opener. His invention brought electricity to the modern garage, which led to the notion that the garage could also serve as a home office.

Taking cues from earlier public garages, garage residences were developed in 1999 and have since provided consumers with convenience.

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National Garage Condominium Day Events

Understand garage condominiums

If you are unfamiliar with garage condos, gather more information on them. This will help you determine whether or not the offering is beneficial to you.

Sublease a space

If you require it, you should rent a space for yourself. There is more information available online.

Recommend it to anyone who may need a space.

Recommend a garage condo to someone in need of additional storage space. It is a practical solution.

5 fascinating facts about marriages

In 1915, garages occupied approximately 8% of the square footage of the typical American residence.

By 1960, garages made up about 45% of a home’s square footage.

Nirvana, the Beatles, and Metallica all began their careers in garages.

Among them are Apple, Amazon, and Disney!

Approximately 55% of homeowners use their garage door as their primary entrance.


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