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National Pinkfix Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

National Pinkfix Day was founded by blogger Jessica Weaver in 2018. Weaver coined the term 'Pinkfix' when she changed the colour of her blog's logo to pink and encouraged her audience to visit her website to "get [their] pink fix" for the day,

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National Pinkfix Day is observed annually in the United States on May 17. The day endeavours to assist individuals in making informed decisions regarding their personal finances, particularly women. We believe that managing personal finances can be extraordinarily difficult. You can take charge of your career and finances, however, with the assistance of an expert and a willingness to learn more about how to spend money prudently. It is especially essential for women to control their own finances and be financially independent. National Pinkfix Day empowers you to take charge of your family, career, and community.

The background of National Pinkfix Day

National Pinkfix Day was founded by blogger Jessica Weaver in 2018. Weaver coined the term ‘Pinkfix’ when she changed the colour of her blog’s logo to pink and encouraged her audience to visit her website to “get [their] pink fix” for the day, referring to the financial and life lessons they would learn. After adding #pinkfix to everything, Weaver became known as the pink advisor, always able to offer advice on nearly every aspect of a woman’s life that requires confidence, stability, and net worth. This day was created to help women become aware of not only their finances, but also the opportunities that can considerably improve their lives. National Pinkfix Day encourages women to be forthright about their financial situations, such as inheritance, insurance, and loans. Being truthful about your financial situation can assist you in making better-informed decisions. National Pinkfix Day assists you in achieving the transformation you may be seeking.

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National Pinkfix Day functions as a reset button in addition to its financial significance. It affords you the chance to reset your finances, mindset, life, and objectives. Additionally, the day challenges you to attempt something new, leave your comfort zone, and take charge of your life. When you have self-assurance and are encircled by people who believe in you, no obstacle seems insurmountable!

Pinkfix does not provide a fast solution. A quick fix may appear appealing, but in the long term, it is detrimental. You might compare a fast fix to a band-aid that has been hastily placed on a deep cut! National Pinkfix Day, however, provides a pink fix! It is all about the enduring transformation that will have an impact and provide you with the life transformation you deserve. It all begins with prudent financial management! Therefore, gather your companions and assist one another in identifying the most effective means of financial advancement.

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Investigate your finances.

The most essential method to observe National Pinkfix Day is by evaluating your financial situation and striving to improve it. Examine your bank statements, tax returns, and other bills to determine your financial standing.

Set up a fund

Plan to attend college? Premature retirement? Establish a college education trust for your children? Now is the time to collect the necessary funds. On National Pinkfix Day, determine which programmes best suit your requirements.

Get your peers involved

Women continue to be appallingly uninvolved in their own finances. National Pinkfix Day intends to alter this. Engage the women in your life in conversations about their finances and the measures they must take to achieve financial independence.

5 Useful Personal Finance Facts

If you pack lunch just twice per week, you can save over $1,000 per year.

12 to 18 percent more is spent when credit cards are used instead of cash.

A excellent credit score exceeds 700 points.

Over time, stocks provide a 10% rate of return.

You are only required to pay taxes on capital gains and additional income.


Year Date Day
2023 May 17 Wednesday
2024 May 17 Friday
2025 May 17 Saturday
2026 May 17 Sunday
2027 May 17 Monday
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