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National Potty Dance Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

National Potty Dance Day is observed annually on March 5. It is all about the movements individuals make when using the restroom. This dance is performed voluntarily or involuntarily by a person with a full bladder. They manoeuvre from side to side to avoid using the restroom. The dance aids children by alerting their parents to the fact that they need to use the restroom. It is both a humorous dance and a straightforward method of communication. Children may find themselves in situations where they are unable to verbally communicate their need to use the restroom.

The background of National Potty Dance Day

National Potty Dance Day is a celebratory day designed to draw attention to the potty dance. The potty dance is a useful aspect of human culture, despite being typically overlooked. It is widely accepted across the globe. The potty dance is a humorous nonverbal expression of the need to urinate. It also permits the dancer to wait until reaching a bathroom.

The bathroom dance can be performed at any time by anyone. Children and adults dance for a variety of reasons. Due to the dance’s immense popularity, songs and videos have been produced. Children typically enjoy performing the potty dance. Almost everyone has probably performed this dance at some point. People begin performing the movements unconsciously!

On National Potty Dance Day, individuals of all ages perform the potty dance for amusement. They develop various interpretations of it. Huggies Pull-Ups created potty dance dance moves, a song, and lyrics. Their rendition of the potty dance is extremely popular. There are numerous videos available to view online. The children enjoy watching the videos, singing the songs, and performing the potty dance. The holiday provides an enjoyable opportunity to bond with the children and instruct them in potty training.

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Do the bathroom dance

Perform the potty dance whenever you must use the restroom. It can be something enjoyable to do with friends!

Teach youngsters the toilet dance

Demonstrate to the children the potty dance. They will laugh and quickly learn the amusing movements.

Listen to the song about the toilet dance.

Huggies Pull-Ups’ potty dance song can be listened to and danced along to. This song has multiple videos available for viewing.


The potty dance consists of a series of silly and amusing movements.

Everyone in the world knows what the potty dance signifies.

It is a simple form of nonverbal communication.

The toilet dance prevents bathroom mishaps.

The potty dance is so simple to perform that children regularly engage in it.


Year Date Day
2023 March 5 Sunday
2024 March 5 Tuesday
2025 March 5 Wednesday
2026 March 5 Thursday
2027 March 5 Friday