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National VO Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Voice acting or voice-overs are forms of art that require years to master. This is because it is difficult to convey a message through tone of voice alone.

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National VO Day, observed on March 15, is the time of year devoted to recognizing the nation’s talented voice-over artists. The day also provides an insight into the history of voice-overs and the evolution of the art into the various forms of media we encounter today. Without voice-over artists, all of the cartoons we watch would be silent, and there would be no information in documentaries. And sure, all the films we view will lack the oomph factor! Therefore, on this day, let us join forces and honor all of our talented voice actors.

The background of National VO Day

Voice acting or voice-overs are forms of art that require years to master. This is because it is difficult to convey a message through tone of voice alone. This is why voice-over performers require years of training prior to finding well-paying employment. Here is how the art form originated. The development of radio-based communication that could reach a large number of individuals began in the 20th century. However, the first step was taken by Reginald Fessenden, an employee of the United States Weather Bureau who reported on the weather.

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On Christmas Eve of 1906, he made a transmission that paved the way for radio communication. During this time, the radio was only used to broadcast music, public announcements, and communications to ships at sea. Fessenden altered the game by delivering a speech after the usual broadcast.

Walt Disney’s voice was used in a Mickey Mouse cartoon, which was an important moment in the annals of voice-overs. Thereafter, voice-over styles continued to evolve. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was established in 1926 as a consortium of radio manufacturers. When the British Broadcasting Corporation became a non-profit public broadcaster, it began informing, educating, and entertaining the public. In 1938, however, Orson Welles acquired the enchantment of the art of voice-overs. Welles aired the radio drama “The War of the Worlds” and narrated it so convincingly that Americans began to believe the planet was under attack.

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Observe the first animated film with a voice-over.

To commemorate the occasion, view the first animated short to feature a voice-over. This will be a fascinating experience because you will also comprehend how much technology has advanced.

Pay homage

Post their accomplishments and life stories on social media to pay tribute to some of the finest voice-over artists. Create a list of the voice actors who portrayed your beloved characters.

View a documentary.

To discover the true origins of the history of voice-overs, view a documentary that examines the technological aspect and the cost of creating the various sounds we hear in a movie or cartoon.


Matthew Lillard shouted until his voice was scratchy and hoarse.

Approximately 5% of voice-over actors receive 95% of the work.

It requires roughly 200 auditions.

10% of voice performers earn more than $90,000.

Mel Blanc has provided the voice for four hundred distinct characters.


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