By | 16 Mar 2023 at 11:21 PM
No Selfies Day 2023: History

We observe No Selfies Day annually on March 16th. Selfies have always been popular, even if the act of taking one predates social media, smartphones, and the term itself. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to capture a selfie on nearly every device. Selfie poles and multifunctional camera phones make it too easy to take selfies and group selfies, also known as “groupies.” On No Selfies Day, however, we are not permitted to take selfies or groupies. We are familiar with torment. However, we are in this together!

The background of No Selfies Day

No one knows the history, origin, or creator of No Selfies Day. There is no mention of its first observance, but we celebrate it on the birthday of the inventor of the cell phone camera, Philippe Kahn. Coincidence? We disagree! The day focuses on those who are preoccupied with taking photographs (i.e., all of us) and their negative effects. This is a friendly reminder not to photograph yourself today.

Psychologically detrimental behavior has been linked to an addiction to taking selfies. A woman spends approximately 104 minutes per week attempting to take flawless selfies, according to research! Selfies have become a cultural phenomenon because they disclose the fundamental human need to feel noticed, valued, and acknowledged. To keep up with the latest social media trends, individuals capture selfies and upload them for likes and comments. Selfies are further enhanced with lamps, filters, and other effects. As a result, people tend to confuse an individual’s online presence with their actual life, resulting to an increase in cases of body dysmorphia.

Studies indicate that we can be negatively impacted when someone leaves a hurtful comment, opposes our image, or when the image does not receive as many likes or comments as one would expect. No Selfies Day provides the opportunity and serves as a reminder to photograph others instead of oneself for at least one day. Or perhaps simply store mental images for years to come.

How to observe No Selfies Day

This is something of a no-brainer. If you wish to participate in No-Selfie Day, you need only refrain from taking photographs. You can avoid being judged by the camera’s lens and your peers’ approval through likes and comments on social media by choosing not to partake in it. The purpose of no-selfie day is to begin living and being present in the moment, rather than attempting to capture and edit it.

Obviously, National No Selfies Day does not prohibit the taking of photographs. Instead of taking photos of yourself with your phone, why not organize a photoshoot? This is something you can enjoy by yourself or with others. There are a variety of inexpensive photography studios to choose from.

It is simple to reduce the costs associated with a photoshoot or film production by considering a few minor factors. When choosing a photography studio, you must first determine whether weekday and weekend rates differ.

Typically, the hourly rate is significantly less expensive on Monday than on Saturday. Next, consider the accessibility of transportation. Some of the cheapest film studios can become prohibitively expensive if access is problematic.

Lastly, practicality is essential. Find out what facilities are available, such as whether the studio has post-production facilities that will save you money by eliminating the need to purchase equipment and software later. If you want to reduce costs without sacrificing quality, the three guidelines mentioned will be of great assistance. After all, there is no sense in searching for a cheap studio if transportation and equipment rental will be prohibitively expensive.