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St. Skeletor’s Day 2024: Date, History and Facts

On St. Skeletor's Day, singles can express their love and despise romantic gestures, allowing them to let off steam and enjoy the day after Valentine's Day.

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St. Skeletor’s Day 2024: The date of St. Skeletor’s Day is always February 15th. St. Skeletor’s Day, which is observed the day following Valentine’s Day, gives single people the freedom to openly despise love. Those who did not receive any cards or flowers the day before also enjoy this day. Well, all right, so maybe not hate, but you get the idea. Being single on Valentine’s Day might make it much more annoying. Everyone has experienced being lonely and being agitated when they see red and pink hearts, couples acting mushy, or anything romantic. On St. Skeletor’s Day, feel free to let off steam.

St. Skeletor’s Day History

Every year on February 14, people celebrate Valentine’s Day, also known as St. Valentine’s Day. Originally intended as a day to remember the names of two Christian martyrs, Valentine’s Day evolved into a romantic and love-filled celebration. The oldest known mention of Valentine’s Day is found in Chaucer’s poem “Valentine’s Day,” although there is no proof of the holiday being a celebration of love.

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As the day spread throughout the globe, individuals started trading handwritten love letters. As a result of their quick rise in popularity, printers started manufacturing mechanical valentines that included a collection of love notes and doodling. This eventually evolved into flowers, gifts, and greeting cards, and before you knew it, Valentine’s Day had become commercialized. Businesses that saw the commercial potential in this holiday and made a name for themselves were Cadbury and Hallmark.

If you have someone to love and be loved by, then everything is adorable and charming; but, if you’re lonely, Valentine’s Day is anything but fun. Nobody wants to be in the middle of expensive teddy bears, heavy P.D.A.-indulging couples, and everything prettied up in pink and red wrapping. No one likes being single, and every V-Day mention serves as a constant reminder of that. This is the significance of St. Skeletor’s Day.

Richard Herring, a British comedian, invented the day in 1998. According to him, St. Skeletor’s Day is “devoted to the destruction of love” and is “a day for all the lost souls who don’t have anyone to love.” He added that giving flowers shouldn’t be limited to a single day; you may do it on any other day as well! In addition to preventing the annihilation of love, the day also demands the destruction of greeting cards and of those who can’t stop talking about their partners. You don’t need to buy gifts for individuals or plan anything special for St. Skeletor’s Day; save that for Valentine’s Day!

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Activities on St. Skeletor’s Day

Throw a party for St. Skeletor’s Day.

Who says today has to be a depressing day? Throw a party and invite your loved ones! Decorate it with anything other than red and hearts, and plan entertaining events like breaking a heart-shaped piñata.

Tell each other breakup stories.

Talk about your disastrous dating experiences and breakups with friends or complete strangers online. Also, spend some time reading other people’s stories. You’ll come to understand that you’re not alone, and you could even feel thankful for your single status afterward.

Forward cards on St. Skeletor’s Day.

Why should the fun be limited to couples? You may also write some lighthearted notes to people you despise (like your buddies who make the cutest couples) or send amusing St. Skeletor’s Day cards to other friends.

Five ways that singles are succeeding

  • Single people have better sleep through the night and wake up feeling more rested, according to the Better Sleep Council.
  • You always have the freedom to choose what to eat for supper, what show to watch, and what tune to listen to.
  • Looking to hook up at the pub with a random cute person? Yes. Can’t resist making small talk with that attractive neighbor? Take it on. You have no remorse in exploring alternative relationships.
  • You can pursue your dreams without significant partner-related distractions, compromises, or limitations because the global employment market is all your oyster.
  • In contrast to the distancing effect experienced by newlyweds, unmarried people can cultivate stronger bonds with their families and friends.

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Why St. Skeletor’s Day Is So Fun

It honors being single. Holidays like St.

Skeletor’s Day serve as a reminder that love doesn’t always need to be expressed with costly presents or just on particular occasions. If you love someone, it should be sufficient to be there for them through good times and bad. It is mentioned by Richard Herring himself, “Isn’t every day [lovers’] day?”

It establishes a community.

Seeing everyone else around you with their significant other can often make you feel alone and alone in the world. Observing others enjoy St. Skeletor’s Day fosters a feeling of togetherness and emphasizes how many individuals have similar experiences.

It’s a humorous holiday.

It’s a hilarious way to inject humor into an otherwise depressing day to dedicate one to the ‘destruction of love’. It does not promote actual harm to anyone. It merely makes loneliness fun for some people.


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