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Walk Safely To School Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Walking

Walk Safely To School Day occurs on May 19 in Australia this year. It is a national event that encourages elementary school students to walk safely to school. This day was instituted by the Australian Pedestrian Council. In 1999, Walk Safely To School Day was first celebrated in New South Wales before becoming a national event in 2004. This day seeks to encourage children to engage in physical activity, increase their consumption of nutrient-dense foods, and improve the environment by reducing carbon emissions from driving to school. However, familiarising young children with road safety rules is the primary objective.

The background of Walk Safely To School Day

The elementary or primary level of education is the first stage of formal education, preceding the secondary level. This level of education aims to equip students with basic reading, writing, and maths skills while laying the groundwork for future learning. Primary education is as ancient as formal education.

Boys were educated at home until they reached the age of seven, at which point they began formal education. The order in which teachers taught subjects was significantly influenced by the location of the students. Spartan children’s education emphasised military instruction, whereas Athenians’ education emphasised, among other subjects, politics, reading, writing, arithmetic, and music. Due to the church’s monopoly on formal education, cathedral schools were the primary providers of elementary education following the expansion of Christianity.

In many parts of the globe, primary school is now the first level of compulsory education. Typically, this stage of education is provided at no cost to the general public, though private instruction remains an option for the wealthy. The term ‘primary school’ was coined in 1802, and its purpose today is to equip students with the basic skills of literacy, arithmetic, and — frequently — morality. Educators exert the most effort to instill ‘good’ habits at this juncture in the educational process. In Australia, for instance, travel Safely To School Day is a national event encouraging primary school students to travel to school safely. Its purpose is to promote environmental and personal health and safety.

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Benefits of Walking Post-Dinner


Walking is the most common form of exercise in America.

The average pace of walking is 3.1 miles per hour.

A person walks approximately 65,000 miles in their lifespan.

Walking improves your mood by increasing brain blood flow.

By walking approximately 10 miles per week instead of using a vehicle, 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions could be avoided annually.


Year Date Day
2022 May 20 Friday
2023 May 19 Friday
2024 May 17 Friday
2025 May 16 Friday
2026 May 15 Friday