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Whooping Crane Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Whooping Crane

Whooping Crane Day is celebrated annually on May 28 to honour the most endangered species of crane. Cranes are typically almost entirely white as adults. Their non-white characteristics consist of black wingtips and facial markings. It is common knowledge that whooping cranes mate for life. The colour of the newborn chickens is cinnamon brown. The male and female whooping cranes lack gender-specific names, unlike most other animals. They are believed to engage in ornate courtship rituals, which typically consist of dances and unison calls.

The background of Whooping Crane Day

In 1973, the population of Whooping Cranes numbered fewer than 50 individuals, putting it on the brink of extinction. The International Crane Foundation, based in Baraboo, Wisconsin, aids in the global conservation of cranes and their ecosystems. The organisation provides information, leadership, and motivation to assist in the resolution of issues influencing cranes. To protect and restore Whooping Crane populations and their ecosystems, people must collaborate. The holiday provides a crucial opportunity to educate the public about the plight of Whooping Cranes. More members of society can comprehend what these magnificent organisms experience. This enables us to develop protective measures for them. Once we have a deeper understanding of an animal species, we can aid in their survival and growth.

The Whooping Crane is regarded as one of the world’s oldest surviving bird species. They are well-known, but few individuals are particularly interested. Cranes may be familiar to the average American, but their lifestyles and the challenges they face in their environments are unknown. Cranes represent longevity and faithfulness. The Crane is also symbolic of chastity, vigilance, longevity, and good fortune. In some cultures, cranes also have negative connotations. They can be used to symbolise deceit, mortality, and even the devil. Approximately eleven of the fifteen species are currently threatened with extinction due to hunting, habitat degradation, and poisoning. The conservation of endangered animals has proven to be difficult.

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It is believed that the Whooping Crane is the tallest avian in North America.

Two eggs are typically laid per brood by Whooping Cranes.

During their first summer, chicks expand approximately one inch per day.

A Whooping Crane’s wing span can range between seven and eight feet. They weigh an average of 15 pounds, allowing them to travel great distances.

The average adult Whooping Crane flies between 37 and 50 miles per hour. Some speedy cranes can attain 62 miles per hour.


Year Date Day
2023 May 28 Sunday
2024 May 28 Tuesday
2025 May 28 Wednesday
2026 May 28 Thursday
2027 May 28 Friday