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World Contact Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Flying Saucers and Aliens

World Contact Day has been observed on March 15 for the past 68 years. The International Flying Saucer Bureau (I.F.S.B.) was founded in 1952 by Albert K. Bender.

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We annually observe World Contact Day on March 15. On this day, alien life enthusiasts endeavor to make contact with extraterrestrial beings. It is intriguing how many Unidentified Flying Objects (U.F.O.s) have reportedly been discovered by humans on Earth! People claim to encounter them constantly! However, this is not limited to airborne objects. Crop circles, peculiar signals, and fossils indicating the possibility of extraterrestrial life are examples of unusual and intriguing phenomena. Whether or not E.T. called home, World Contact Day is an enjoyable time to learn about alien encounters.

The background of World Contact Day

World Contact Day has been observed on March 15 for the past 68 years. The International Flying Saucer Bureau (I.F.S.B.) was founded in 1952 by Albert K. Bender. Later, the founder shared a peculiar yet intriguing tale. Three individuals in black apparently visited him at his home and communicated with him telepathically. He felt like he was being transported. Bender also reported a second visit from three shadowy floating figures. They informed him that they had abducted humans from Earth in order to disguise themselves as humans during their visits.

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In the summer of 1953, Bender uncovered a succession of facts about U.F.O. stories that he planned to publish in October of that year. Later in October, before publishing his findings of extraterrestrial life, he again reported a visit by three men in black who threatened him not to do so. In November of 1953, he closed the Bureau and issued a warning to extraterrestrial life enthusiasts.

On this date in 1953, members of the Bureau were instructed to send a friendly telepathic message to extraterrestrials. The extraterrestrials requested a cordial, amicable, and mutually beneficial relationship with earthlings and asked them to inform the ignorant of the existence of extraterrestrial life. In 2013, it was extended for an entire week, with a final endeavor to establish a massive network on March 22. Despite the fact that the I.F.S.B. no longer exists, E.T. enthusiasts from around the world continue to celebrate World Contact Day.

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Meditation is an effective method for quieting the psyche. Organize a large-scale meditation for like-minded individuals. To communicate telepathically with extraterrestrial energy, assemble in a secluded area and meditate with a tranquil mind.

Dress up and observe in excess!

What is more entertaining than awaiting a connection? Put your imagination to work by dressing up as your favorite alien and binge-watching alien films such as “Men in Black,” “Independence Day,” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

Share your alien experience

Alien tales excite everyone! Share your story of how you became an E.T. enthusiast to motivate others. Take pleasure in imparting the knowledge and anecdotes you possess to others.


In 1976, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley initiated the concept of crop circles through hoaxes.

In November 1944, during overnight missions during World War II, pilots reported eight to ten bright lights pursuing them in circles at 200 miles per hour.

Thomas Dick, a Scottish physicist, estimated in 1837 that our solar system contains 22 trillion aliens and that we should construct a massive triangle or ellipsis to communicate with them.

Nikola Tesla was persuaded that rhythmic signals from Mars had been received by him.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that the Milky Way could contain forty billion Earth-like planets.


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