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World Peace Meditation Day 2022: Date, History and Significance

December 31—the day the world celebrates New Year’s Eve. While most people spend this day celebrating with friends and family, what if we could use it to come together and meditate for world peace? By doing so, we would be helping to create a powerful energy field of peace that can spread around the globe, bringing us all closer together. This article will take a look at World Peace Meditation Day on December 31 and its purpose in connecting us all as one global community. We’ll also discuss how you can take part in this wonderful event and help bring more peace into our lives and the lives of others.

What is World Peace Meditation Day?

December 31st is World Peace Meditation Day, a time for everyone to come together and meditate on peace. This yearly event was started in 1981 by world-renowned teacher and author, Dr. Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto’s work has shown that our thoughts and intentions can literally change the physical world around us. On this day, people of all ages and from all walks of life join together to meditate on peace for our world.

When we collectively put our attention on something, it magnifies. So when we come together on World Peace Meditation Day and focus our energy on peace, we are making a powerful statement to the universe. We are declaring that we want peace in our world and are willing to do our part to create it. This simple act of coming together in meditation can have a profound impact on the energy of our planet.

If you would like to join in this year’s World Peace Meditation Day, there are many ways to participate. You can find a group near you that is holding a public meditation or event, or you can meditate at home by yourself or with your family and friends. You can also send out positive intentions and prayers for peace throughout the day, whether you are meditating or not. Every bit counts! On December 31st, let us come together as one global family and send out the powerful intention for peace in our world.

The History of World Peace Meditation Day

World Peace Meditation Day was first celebrated on December 31, 1986. The date was chosen because it is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patroness of the Americas. The day was created by Dr. Robert Muller, then Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, as a way to encourage people of all faiths to come together and meditate for world peace.

Since its inception, World Peace Meditation Day has been celebrated annually on December 31st. It is a day for people of all faiths to come together and meditate for world peace.

The Importance of World Peace Meditation Day

December 31st is World Peace Meditation Day, a day for people all over the world to come together and meditate for peace. This day is important because it reminds us that we are all connected, and that peace is possible.

When we meditate for peace, we tap into something powerful within ourselves. We connect with our own inner strength and wisdom, and we open up to the possibility of peace in the world. This connection is what allows us to create change in our own lives and in the world around us.

On this day, let us remember that we are all connected, and that peace is possible. Join us in meditation on December 8th, and help create a more peaceful world!

How to Celebrate World Peace Meditation Day

On World Peace Meditation Day, people all over the globe are encouraged to take some time out of their day to meditate on peace. This can be done individually or in groups, and there are no set rules on how to do it. Some people like to sit in silence and focus on their breath, while others prefer to listen to calming music or guided meditation.

There are many benefits to meditating for peace, both for the individual and for the world at large. When we focus our energy on positive thoughts and intentions, we help to create a more peaceful world. Meditation can also help us to find inner peace and calm, which is essential for dealing with the stress of daily life.

If you’d like to join in on World Peace Meditation Day, there are plenty of resources available online and in bookstores. You can also check with your local yoga studio or community center to see if they’re hosting any events. No matter how you choose to celebrate, take a moment today to connect with your own inner peace and send out some good vibes into the world!


World Peace Meditation Day on December 31 is a powerful reminder of the importance of peace and harmony in our world. By taking part in this meditation, we can all work together to create positive vibrations that will spread throughout the world and bring about true global change. We hope that through this special day you have been inspired to make a difference in your own life by finding inner peace within yourself, as well as contributing your energy towards creating lasting peace among nations around the world. Together, let us work towards making World Peace Meditation Day an annual event that truly makes a difference for everyone!



Year Date Day
2022 December 31 Saturday
2023 December 31 Sunday
2024 December 31 Tuesday
2025 December 31 Wednesday
2026 December 31 Thursday




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