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Best Permanent Residency Countries: List of countries all over the world

Discovering the world's wonders through travel and exploring new cultures is common, but choosing the world's finest nation for permanent residency is a practical decision that takes into account various factors, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

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Best Permanent Residency Countries: Wonderful locations abound in our big planet. Many of us like taking trips to see the variety of landscapes and cultures that have sprung up in unexpected places all over the world. Some decide to relocate permanently to a nation other than their own. In the latter instance, the purpose of the trip is only to have fun and discover new things while on vacation. But in the former case, practicality wins out and many factors are taken into account before a choice is made. Selecting the world’s finest nation for permanent residency is the goal.

Most people in the globe still live in their countries of origin, according to the IOM UN Migration Report 2022. Thirty people do not meet the criteria for immigration. Globally, there were projected to be 281 million foreign migrants in 2020, or around 3.6% of the world’s total population. Notably, this number was three times greater than the predicted total for 1970 and represented an increase of 128 million people over the 1990 figure. This suggests that people’s desire to relocate is growing, which is driving them to look for the greatest place in the world to live permanently.

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What is Permanent Residency?

Permanent residency, sometimes known as a PR visa, is a status of residence in a nation other than one’s home country that allows an individual to live, work, study, and even start a business there. Additionally, holders of a PR visa can be eligible for healthcare, social security, and other financial benefits. Furthermore, the visa may allow people to bring their parents and other family members, and kids might be eligible for free public education. It is essential to remember that these advantages might differ between nations. The residence permit, which is granted in order to formally guarantee certain activities, is often renewed following a predetermined amount of time. People are free to enter and exit the nation at this time, but it’s important to remember that in order to preserve resident status, there usually has to be a minimal amount of physical presence.

Types for Permanent Residency

Permanent residency permits come in a variety of forms, such as skilled immigration, employer-based immigration, family migration, and investment migration, as well as state, territory, and provincial sponsored immigration. While all PR visas must meet a few basic conditions, each nation may have different restrictions. Indeed, several nations do not even allow permanent residency, and each country has a different threshold for actual presence. Therefore, it is important to confirm that the chosen location is the most suitable for permanent residency before uprooting one’s life and moving elsewhere.

The Nation with the Highest Rate of Immigration

A considerable number of people have been applying for permanent residency or obtaining dual citizenship in European countries within the last ten years. The loosening of immigration laws by European nations, partly in reaction to labour shortages inside the union, has further encouraged this tendency. But it’s important to note that the United States will welcome 1.05 million permanent immigrants in 2022—the largest number when compared to other nations. According to US News, the United States has maintained its position as the nation that welcomes the greatest number of immigrants, with 833,900 expected in 2021. This pattern is not surprising considering how liberally the nation welcomes immigration via a variety of avenues. Employer-based immigration, in which businesses sponsor workers for green cards, is one prominent strategy.

Best Permanent Residency Countries


  • Score for Permanent Residency: 63
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 59
  • Health Grade: 65
  • Education Points: 33

Japan sticks out as one of the greatest nations for permanent residence in the Asian area. Being a developed country, it guarantees its citizens a good standard of living. Because of its advantageous location, Japan offers immigrants a variety of chances through its strategic proximity to other Asian nations as well as Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Islands. The nation’s high permanent residence score highlights the welcoming environment for immigrants to settle peacefully, as does its strong health integration and labour mobility possibilities. Interestingly, permanent residency in Japan is awarded permanently, unlike other visas that have duration constraints or require periodic renewals.

United Kingdom: Best Permanent Residency Countries

  • Score for Permanent Residency: 58
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 48
  • 75 for health
  • Score for Education: 40

For expatriates, the UK continues to be one of the most popular locations. Since the UK is a developed country with excellent facilities, especially in education, a lot of people want to become permanent residents. Benefits associated with this status include the ability to live and work in the nation indefinitely. This privilege, however, could be revoked in specific circumstances, such as after being convicted of a crime or being abroad for more than two years. The overall results for the nation paint a promising image, with the forecast for immigrants’ health integration being especially good—a major draw for individuals who are prepared to go through the relocation procedure overseas.

Czech Republic

  • Score for Permanent Residency: 50
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilisation: 54
  • Score for Health: 61
  • Score for Education: 60

One of Europe’s best nations, the Czech Republic offers a high level of living together with a safe, stable, and culturally diversified lifestyle. It offers a bright future with a cheaper cost of living than some other European countries and a business-friendly atmosphere. A permanent residence status in the Czech Republic gives people easy access to the labour market and the ability to work and conduct business like citizens. Czechia is among the top nations in the world for permanent residence because of its excellent rankings in health, education, and labour market mobility, all of which further suggest that the country offers favourable conditions for immigrant integration.

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Korea: Best Permanent Residency Countries

  • Score for Permanent Residency: 60
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 65
  • 40 for health
  • Education Points: 72

Not only has South Korea grown in popularity as a travel destination in recent years, but expats have also begun to favour it. With a competitive salary and fair cost of living, the nation provides a good standard of living. A welcoming atmosphere with a notable level of permanent residency security is available to immigrants. Children have excellent educational opportunities, and those who relocate there for work or company are supported by the labour market mobility score. As a whole, South Korea is among the greatest nations in the world for permanent residency because of its ability to accept immigrants.


  • 52 for Permanent Residency
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 65
  • Health Grade: 65
  • Education Points: 57

The idea of moving permanently to the Netherlands may excite bike aficionados especially, but there are many other benefits to the nation as well. In spite of the fact that it might not be as cheap as some other European nations, the Netherlands offers a good lifestyle with good access to healthcare, education, and a strong labour market. Notably, the nation achieved remarkable ratings in working culture and satisfaction, placing it in seventh place in the 2022 InterNation’s Working Abroad Index. The permanent residency score, which also demonstrates a safe status for immigrants, firmly establishes the Netherlands as one of the top countries in the world for permanent residency.


  • Score for Permanent Residency: 46
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 37
  • Score for Health: 79
  • Education Points: 79

The Australian government aggressively encourages permanent residence, giving people the ability to work and access the labour market, thanks to the country’s booming economy. There are still jobs on the market, even though the integration score could be a little lower. The temptation of living in Australia and enjoying a good standard of living is one of the main factors driving the growing interest in permanent residency. Along with the freedom to work, this status grants access to Medicare and free public elementary and secondary education. Integration scores also show how simple it is for immigrants to use these services. Without a doubt, one of the greatest places to live permanently is Australia, which provides affordable access to basic utilities and a good standard of living.


  • Score for Permanent Residency: 75
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 69
  • Health Rating: 29
  • Education Points: 69

The country appears to be an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to settle permanently in Europe. It is ideal for techies and entrepreneurs seeking start-up incentives. The nation attracts overseas investors due to its business-friendly climate and a number of tax incentives. As indicated by the high labour market mobility score, there is a strong possibility of immigrants integrating into society. Estonia’s legal framework for permanent residency facilitates the safe integration of immigrants into the nation. As of 2024, Estonia remains among the least expensive nations for permanent residency.

Austria: Best Permanent Residency Countries

Score for Permanent Residency: 50

Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 59

81 is the health score

Education Points: 52

Vienna is the first place that springs to mind when you think about Austria. This well-known city, which offers fine dining and wine, is connected with a high standard of living. High-quality healthcare and education at an affordable price are further draws. Austria has gained recognition for upholding a remarkable equilibrium between business and personal life, and it has effectively hosted more than a million international residents. According to the results, newcomers should have no trouble establishing themselves in this European nation. Austria thus merits a spot on our ranking of the top nations in the world for permanent residence.


  • Score for Permanent Residency: 48
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 63
  • Score for Health: 83
  • Education Points: 48

Among European nations, Switzerland is notable for its inhabitants’ extraordinarily high standard of living. In addition to the stunning surroundings, people may take advantage of a wealth of job prospects and first-rate medical and educational resources. The degree to which immigrants find it easy to fit in on the job market is reflected in their labour market mobility score. Due to its competitive salaries and high levels of happiness among immigrants, Switzerland genuinely succeeds in providing a higher standard of living.

Germany: Best Permanent Residency Countries

  • Score for Permanent Residency: 54
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 81
  • Score for Health: 63
  • Education Points: 55

Given that Germany has one of the strongest economies in Europe, foreign nationals from all over the world are highly interested in obtaining permanent residency there. The standard of living for residents is quite excellent at a reasonable price. The nation’s top-notch healthcare and educational systems are big draws for anyone wishing to relocate. The score for permanent residency highlights a reasonably safe path for newcomers. Additionally, the employment market, which offers access to the European Union labour market, may be extremely advantageous to highly trained foreign workers. The labour market mobility score shows how simple it is for immigrants to integrate into this nation.


  • Score for Permanent Residency: 67
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 67
  • Score for Health: 79
  • Education Points: 43

Italy is one of the greatest nations for permanent residence and has one of the biggest economies in the world. The country is a gateway to the European market and provides a good standard of living, especially in the healthcare sector. Italy is a desirable location for immigrants due to its favourable permanent residency policies and relatively low cost of living.

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Spain: Best Permanent Residency Countries

  • Score for Permanent Residency: 75
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 67
  • 81 is the health score
  • Education Points: 43

It is not surprising that this country is among the greatest in the world for permanent residence because it has some of the lowest living costs in all of Europe in addition to first-rate public healthcare and education. The stable political and economic climate promotes smooth assimilation for newcomers. The country’s high permanent residency rating, which offers stability for the minds of new settlers, further demonstrates this.


  • Score for Permanent Residency: 75
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 56
  • Score for Health: 73
  • Education Score: 74

Belgium is one of those nations where persons seeking permanent residency can considerably benefit from programmes oriented towards facilitating their seamless absorption into society. The country not only gives access to the enormous European market but also promotes seamless assimilation for newcomers. With good health and education facilities, new residents may retain their aim for a high quality of life. Moreover, the cost of living is affordable. Consequently, Belgium occupies the 8th spot on our list of the top nations for permanent residency worldwide.

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New Zealand

  • Score for Permanent Residency: 63
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 59
  • Score for Health: 83
  • Education Points: 76

This nation, which is well-known for its family-friendliness and excellent healthcare and education systems, provides easy and reasonably priced access to these resources for individuals who meet the requirements for permanent residency. It is a desirable alternative for immigrants due to its favourable labour market mobility score and abundance of employment options. New Zealand is without a doubt one of the greatest nations for anyone looking to live permanently in a developed country and take advantage of many benefits.

United States

  • Score for Permanent Residency: 63
  • Score for Labour Market Mobilities: 69
  • Score for Health: 79
  • Education Points: 83

Those looking to stay permanently may enjoy a simple, pleasant, and high level of living in the “land of opportunity.” With its thriving economy, there are plenty of job opportunities for newcomers to choose and expand upon. The high labour market mobility score suggests that immigrants have easy access. American universities, including Harvard, the best university in the world, are well known for offering the best international education. Permanent residents can take advantage of this without having to pay the high costs associated with higher education abroad, guaranteeing an excellent experience. As a result, the US is without a doubt among the greatest nations in the world for permanent residence.

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