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American Girl Doll Teeth: How a Woman on TikTok Used a Nail File to Fix Her Teeth!

Christina Scully, at 14, shaved her teeth, removing the "American Girl Doll teeth" that went viral.

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American Girl Doll Teeth: At the age of 14, Christina Scully (@uhmmokayyy22) shaved her teeth, which means she no longer has “American Girl Doll teeth.” The video quickly went viral.

What does that even imply, and what on earth is the rationale behind individuals using nail files on their teeth? We shall investigate…

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According to one TikToker, she wore down her teeth with a nail file, which eliminated the “American Girl doll teeth.”

“I used a nail file on my teeth when I was 14, so I no longer have American Girl doll teeth,” she writes in a text overlay of the five-second film.

The “American Girl Doll Teeth” refers to a design motif observed on certain toys, wherein the upper lips of the doll expose its two front teeth (for example, see here and here).

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It appears that the notion of “American Girl doll teeth” first appeared on TikTok in 2021. Certain individuals appear to be quite fond of these canines, whereas others are not. Christina appears to be depressed about losing her teeth due to her previous actions, but the video does not provide enough information to fully clarify this.

Regardless, applying a nail file to one’s teeth is not advised. In 2020, Dazed Digital cited a dentist as saying that the trend of filing teeth with nails on TikTok is not only harmful but also “permanent” and “irreparable.”

White & Co explained that filing your teeth will remove tooth enamel. Dental cosmetic dentist Dr. Krystyna Wilczynski to the publication. “Excessive enamel removal through filing can lead to tooth sensitivity and, more severely, nerve inflammation, irritation, and pain.” Subsequent complications may arise, necessitating dental intervention.

Teeth manipulation and sculpting have gained significant popularity on TikTok.

Recently, the act of shaping or manipulating one’s teeth has become a prevalent subject of discussion on social media platforms. Influencers often sport veneers, and they have not been shy about documenting the process by which they obtained them and their daily struggles in the process.

Veneers can cause erosion and shape of natural teeth into serrated, gollum-like chompers during preparation, affecting some individuals.

The trending “veneers checks” on social media led dentists to warn others that the pre-veneer phase was unnecessary.

Dr. Shaadi Manouchehri, a dentist, advised on TikTok that teeth resembling pegs require root canal treatment or extraction.

An additional dentist stated on TikTok that the grooming technique referred to as “stump” is not suitable for veneers but rather “crown preparations.” The distinction between the two procedures is substantial.

Dr. Manouchehri additionally stated that as a general rule, people must replace veneers or crowns every ten to fifteen years. She will likely require replacements four to five times, if not more, throughout her lifetime. (The dentist’s TikTok video referred to a young woman.)

The oral surgeon highlighted the financial and biological challenges associated with the tooth’s continuous preparation and re-preparation process.

Consequently, how many individuals have filed their teeth? Have you ever wanted to file down your teeth with metal fragments to achieve your ideal appearance?

Muskan Manocha
Muskan Manocha
Muskan Manocha is pursuing graduation from University of Delhi.

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