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Festivus 2022, December 23: History, Importance and Recipes

Festivus is a secular holiday celebrated on December 23rd. The holiday was created by writer Dan O'Keefe and popularized by his son, Daniel, who introduced it into popular culture via the sitcom Seinfeld.

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December 23rd is known as Festivus, a well-known holiday that celebrates the joy of family and friends. The holiday originated in 1997 on the episode of Seinfeld called “The Strike” and has been celebrated ever since. The holiday consists of many traditions ranging from the “Airing of Grievances” to a Festivus Pole instead of a Christmas tree. In this blog post, we will explore the history and traditions behind Festivus so that you can fully understand what this unique holiday is all about.

What is Festivus?

Festivus is a secular holiday celebrated on December 23rd. The holiday was created by writer Dan O’Keefe and popularized by his son, Daniel, who introduced it into popular culture via the sitcom Seinfeld.

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The holiday’s most notable feature is the “Festivus pole”, an unadorned aluminum pole which is displayed in place of a Christmas tree. Other traditions include the “Airing of Grievances”, in which each person tells others how they have disappointed them over the past year, and the “Feats of Strength”, in which the head of the household must be physically wrestled to the ground.

Festivus is meant to be a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate the year, without all of the commercialism and materialism that has come to be associated with Christmas. It is a time to focus on what is really important in life, and to remember that even though things may not always go our way, we can still find joy in spending time with those we love.

The History of Festivus

Festivus is a secular, anti-consumerist holiday created by writer Daniel O’Keefe and popularized by his son, Dan. The holiday’s celebration includes a Festivus dinner, an unadorned aluminum Festivus pole, and various unorthodox Festivus traditions such as the “Airing of Grievances” and the “Feats of Strength”.

O’Keefe’s father, Daniel Sr., created Festivus in 1966 as an inside joke for his family. The holiday was later popularized by O’Keefe’s son, Dan, who featured it in an episode of the sitcom Seinfeld. In the episode, which aired on December 18, 1997, George Costanza’s father Frank explains that he invented Festivus as an alternative to the commercialism and consumerism of Christmas.

The popularity of the Seinfeld episode led to a renewed interest in the holiday, and it has since been celebrated by people around the world. While the holiday has no set date, it is typically celebrated on December 23rd or 24th.

What to do on Festivus?

There are a few key things that you should do on Festivus to make sure that the holiday is celebrated properly. First, you should put up a Festivus pole. This is typically an unadorned aluminum pole, but any type of pole will do. Second, you should engage in the Airing of Grievances. This is where you tell everyone around you all the ways that they have disappointed you over the past year. Third, you should participate in the Feats of Strength. This is where you compete with others to see who is the strongest. And finally, you should enjoy a Festivus dinner with your family and friends.

Festivus Recipes

For many, the holidays are a time to enjoy special foods with family and friends. If you’re looking for something different this year, why not try some Festivus recipes? Here are a few to get you started:

-Festivus Fruitcake: This recipe calls for fruitcake mix, brandy, and red and green candied cherries. It’s sure to be a hit with your guests!

-Festivus Punch: This festive punch is made with cranberry juice, lemonade, and sparkling wine. It’s perfect for holiday parties!

-Festivus Cookies: These cookies are made with sugar, butter, eggs, and flour. They’re simple to make and they taste delicious!

We hope you enjoy these Festivus recipes! Happy holidays!


In conclusion, we can see that Festivus is an excellent way to celebrate the holidays if you’re looking for something a little bit different. It’s a fun and lively holiday with plenty of activities to enjoy. Whether it’s hosting your own Festivus dinner or participating in some of the traditional festivities like gifting aluminum poles and airing grievances, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this unique holiday on December 23rd every year.

Festivus dates

Year Date Day
2022 December 23 Friday
2023 December 23 Saturday
2024 December 23 Monday
2025 December 23 Tuesday
2026 December 23 Wednesday


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