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Jharkhand Cabinet Ministers 2024: See Updated List of The Ministers!

Jharkhand Cabinet Ministers 2024, led by Chief Minister Hemant Soren, consist of ten members. Download the complete list for 2024.

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Jharkhand Cabinet Ministers 2024:The 81-member Jharkhand Assembly consists of 47 MLAs from the majority – 29 from the JMM, 17 from the Congress, and one from the RJD. Champai Soren is the sixth Chief Minister from the Kolhan region. BJP and AJSU have 26 and three MLAs, while the NCP and CPI (ML) have one each, and two are Independents.

It is the cabinet ministers of Jharkhand who play an integral role in steering the state toward progress and prosperity. In addition to influencing policies, implementing reforms, and addressing the diverse needs of the population, each minister has a variety of portfolios ranging from finance to education to agriculture to infrastructure. Ultimately, their collective efforts aim to promote inclusive development, empower communities, and ensure the future of Jharkhand.

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Jharkhand chief minister

He is the sixth Chief Minister of Jharkhand and is from the Kolhan region. There are 81 members in the Jharkhand Assembly, with 47 MLAs belonging to the majority alliance: 29 from the JMM, 17 from the Congress, and one from the RJD. There are also 26 and three MLAs of the BJP, three MLAs of the AJSU, one MLA of the NCP, one MLA of the CPI (ML), and two independents.

The Cabinet Ministers of Jharkhand for 2024

The Chief Minister will serve as the head of the ten-member Jharkhand Cabinet Ministers for 2024. In his second tenure after serving from July 2013 to December 2014, Hemant Soren has led Jharkhand’s administration since December 29, 2019. The Cabinet Ministers of 2024 represent three distinct political parties working together to govern the state, reflecting the coalition government in Jharkhand.

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Jharkhand Cabinet 2024, Ministers’ names

Listed below are the current cabinet ministers of Jharkhand 2024, headed by Chief Minister Champai Soren:

Cabinet Ministers of Jharkhand 2024 List
NameDepartmentTook Office
Champai Soren

(Chief Minister)

 2 February 2024
Alamgir Alam 2 February 2024
Satyanand Bhokta 2 February 2024

Jharkhand Cabinet Ministers: Responsibilities

Here are some of the responsibilities of Jharkhand Cabinet Ministers:

  • Managing portfolios such as finance, education, agriculture, and infrastructure.
  • Developing policies and implementing reforms for the development of the state.
  • Effective allocation of resources and budget management.
  • Providing healthcare and social services to the population.
  • Assisting the Chief Minister in steering the state toward progress and equitable growth. Ensuring that government departments and agencies are operating effectively.
  • Enhancing economic growth and industrial development.
  • Increasing the quality and accessibility of education throughout the state.
  • Supporting farmers and rural communities through agricultural initiatives.
  • The improvement of infrastructure, transportation networks, and urban development.
  • Promoting sustainable practices and addressing environmental concerns.
  • Maintaining transparency, accountability, and good governance at all times.

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