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Mhada lottery 2024: When to Register, Apply, and Lottery Dates

The Mhada website in Maharashtra has updated its lottery application process for the Mhada lottery 2024, which is a housing unit lottery.

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Mhada lottery 2024: The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (Mhada) holds the Mhada lottery, which is a housing unit lottery.

What is the 2024 MHADA Lottery?

The Mhada, the board that runs lotteries throughout Maharashtra, has updated its lottery website. The first lottery that the board will announce in 2024 is the Mhada Nashik lottery. is the Mhada website where lottery applications can be made.

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Mhada lottery registration for 2024

Candidates who wish to participate in the Mhada lottery must register once through the MHADA Housing Lottery System IHLMS 2.0 at Keep in mind that all paperwork must be submitted at the time of registration and that the Mhada lottery will only accept verifiable paperwork.

Note that the PMAY registration certificate is not required for applicants registering under the Mhada PMAY (Urban) scheme at the time of application. Only before to assuming ownership of the apartment, they must obtain the certificate.

As part of the modifications, Mhada offers applicants the chance to review income tax return data that was uploaded through the Mhada lottery portal during registration and make any necessary corrections.

In order to assist female applicants whose name or surname changes due to marriage or for other reasons, Mhada has added a new option to the application page that asks if the applicant is identified by another name. This section allows the applicant to declare their former name.

Mandatory document submission required during registration for the MHADA lottery in 2024
To prevent any sort of misconduct, the MHADA lottery has made it mandatory to submit all necessary documentation at the time of registration. The documents were previously only required to be submitted by those who were accepted.

Mobile app for the 2024 Mhada lottery

Additionally, you can apply for the Mhada lottery by downloading the Mhada Housing Lottery System mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

MHADA lottery 2024: Eligibility 

Category Annual family income slabs in Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune Annual family income slabs in rest of Maharashtra Carpet area
EWS Rs 6 lakh Rs 4.5 lakh 30 sqm
LIG Rs 9 lakh Rs 7.5 lakh 60 sqm
MIG Rs 12 lakh Rs 12 lakh 160 sqm
HIG above Rs 12 lakh above Rs 12 lakh 200 sqm

Maharashtra government has revised annual income slabs that determines the eligibility of an applicant to purchase Mhada homes through Mhada  lottery. The last revision was done in 2016.

Mhada lottery 2024: Income category and category allowed to apply

Income category of applicant Category in which applicant can apply for apartment


Additionally, Mhada will allow applicants to apply for housing lottery in their category and one level above them as part of the revised standards. Be aware that Mhada limits the eligibility of EWS and LIG groups to apply for apartments in the HIG sector.

  • Mhada lottery 2024: Registration paperwork for the new Mhada system
  • All lottery-related information will be sent as SMS to your registered cellphone number, which is linked to your Aadhar card as an OTP.
  • All lottery-related information will be emailed to the registered email address, along with the OTP.
  • Aadhar card: During registration, a clean picture of the front and back of the card must be uploaded. The spouse’s Aadhar card must also be uploaded if they are married.
  • PAN card: During registration, a readable, clear image of the PAN card must be supplied. The spouse’s PAN card must also be uploaded if they are married.
    Note that the domicile certificate needs to contain a MahaOnline/MahaIT barcode and be issued during the last five years, meaning it should have been issued after January 2018. If you don’t have a domicile certificate, apply for one at the closest Maha e-Seva Kendra or Aaple Sarkar.
  • Then, fill out the registration form with your application ID and number, and you can start the Mhada lottery registration procedure. In the event that you win, this is contingent upon your providing the domicile certificate prior to assuming ownership of the Mhada unit.
  • ITR (self): Choose ITR and upload the FY2021–22 ITR acknowledgement receipt. Please take note that uploading a Form 16 or wage slip in lieu of an ITR acknowledgement receipt will be deemed ineligible. If you are married, attach your spouse’s FY2022-23 ITR acknowledgement receipt as well.
  • Income verification: Click the income certificate button, then upload the FY2022–2023 Tahsildar or Maha e-Seva Kendra certified income certificate (it should contain a MahaOnline/MahaIT barcode).
  • Certificate of Caste: Provide a legitimate caste certificate.
  • Unique categories: Provide a legitimate certificate to support this. The certificate can be generated on the Mhada New Lottery website.

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Mhada lottery 2023: Current lotto plans

2024 Mhada Nashik lottery

About 790 units will be awarded by the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (Mhada) Nashik Board in the Mhada Nashik Lottery 2024.

There are five different Mhada Nashik Lottery 2024 plans.

  • Mhada Nashik Lottery 2024 through Nashik Board
  • Nashik PMAY 2024
  • Mhada Nashik Lottery 2024  FCFS scheme
  • Mhada 20% inclusive housing scheme ( on rolling basis)
  • Mhada 20% inclusive housing scheme ( on FCFS basis)

Mhada lottery 2024 Nashik: Important dates

Online registration starts January 11, 2024
Online application starts January 11, 2024
Last date for online application March 5, 2024
Last date for online payment March 6, 2024
Last date for RTGS/NEFT March 6, 2024
Draft list published March 14, 2024
Final list published March 19, 2024
Lottery draw March 20, 2024
Refund March 31, 2024


Mhada Nashik FCFS 2024: Important dates

Registration starts January 11, 2024
Online application starts January 11, 2024
Registration ends March 4, 2024
Online application ends March 5, 2024
Online payment starts January 11, 2024
Online payment ends March 6, 2024

Please take note that on February 14, the FCFS applicant list was made available on Both waitlisted and successful applicants are included in this. In the final week of February, the final list with flat numbers will be released. According to the first-come, first-priority policy, the apartments in this advertisement that belong to the social restricted categories (SC, ST, NT, and DT) can be swapped out.

2023 Mhada-CDP lottery

On December 9, 2023, the Mhada board and Chadha Developers launched a 2,000 unit lottery for the all income group category under the Public Private Partnership lottery. The houses in this lottery will be at Ambarnath’s Vangani (West). The property, which is priced at Rs 16,80,000, would give away one BHK unit. The lottery’s online application period opened on December 11, 2023, and will run through March 2, 2024. The day of the lucky draw is March 8, 2024.

Mhada–CDP lottery 2023: Important dates

Registration starts December 9, 2023
Registration ends March 1, 2024
Application starts December 11, 2023
Payment starts March 2, 2024
Payments ends March 2, 2024
RTGS/NEFT payment ends March 3, 2024
Mhada-CDP lottery 2023 lucky draw  March 8, 2024

Konkan board Mhada lottery 2023 will award 5,311 units.

In September 2023, the Mhada Konkan board launched a lottery for 5,311 dwellings. Houses in the districts of Thane, Palghar, and Raigad will be up for grabs in this lottery. The Mhada website has the advertisement for the 2023 Thane lottery.

All four categories—the Economically Weaker Section (EWS), the Low Income Group (LIG), the Mid-income Group (MIG), and the High-income Group (HIG)—are served by the lottery. The cost of the apartments ranges from Rs 9 lakh to Rs 49 lakh. One thousand of these are being sold through the PMAY program. The carpet space of the flats ranges from 258 to 667 square feet.

Konkan Mandal lottery to distribute housing units under Mhada lottery in 2023

  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – 656
  • 20 percent scheme – 1,082
  • Konkan Mandal First Priority -2,211
  • Journalist (Digital)-67

Mhada lottery Konkan 2023: Important dates

Mhada lottery Konkan 2023 Important dates
Application starts September 15,2023
Payment starts September 15,2023
Application ends November 15, 2023
Payment ends November 17,2023
NEFT payment ends November 17,2023
Draft application list December 4, 2023
Accepted lottery list December 11, 2023
Mhada Konkan lottery 2023 lucky draw To be announced
Mhada Konkan lottery 2023 lucky draw refund To be announced

An extension has been made to the Mhada Konkan lottery 2023 FCFS system, which will now run until February 2, 2024. The deadlines for making an online payment are February 2, 2024, and for RTGS/NEFT, they are February 4, 2024. There will be 2,278 units distributed under this plan. The Mhada Konkan lottery 2023 FCFS scheme accepted list will not be published until a later date.

Mhada Konkan FCFS lottery scheme Important dates 

Last date for online registration February 2, 2024
Last date for online application February 2, 2024
Last date for online payment February 2, 2024
Last date for RTGS/NEFT February 4, 2024

Mhada lottery  old lottery schemes

Mhada releases online lottery for 265 families 

As part of its master list, the Mumbai Building Repair and Reconstruction Board (MBBRB) has made available the online lottery allocation for 265 families. Additionally, some families have been given homes that are roughly 100 square feet larger than the area that was used for restoration. If the chosen applicants choose to purchase a larger unit, they will be responsible for the difference in price.

Pune’s Mhada lottery for 2023 will offer 5,863 units

In September 2023, the Mhada Pune board will conduct a lottery for 5,863 houses. The lottery will accept online applications from September 6, 2023, until October 30, 2023. On December 5, 2023, the Mhada Pune lottery 2023 lucky draw took place.

5,425 units in the Pune district, 337 in the Kolhapur district, 69 in the Solapur district, and 32 in the Sangli district are included in this lottery.

All four categories—the Economically Weaker Section (EWS), Low Income Group (LIG), Mid-income Group (MIG), and High-income Group (HIG)—will be served by the lottery. This lottery will include units in Pune, PCMC, Sangli, Solapur, and Kolhapur.

Mhada Mumbai lottery 2023: 4,083 homes up for grab

The Mumbai board for the MHADA lottery 2023 has declared the 4,083 house lottery. There are 2,788 low-income houses out of this total, 132 mid-income houses, 38 high-income houses, and 102 residences that are distributed among income levels. The number of lottery units in MIG is now 131, while the number of Mhada lottery units is 4,082, due to the removal of one unit from the MIG category.

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The most expensive home under the MHADA lottery 2023 Mumbai would cost Rs 4 crore and 38 lakh, with prices starting at Rs 24.71 lakh.

Mumbai Mhada Lottery 2023: Plan

Click on “View live schemes” on the left side of the website at to view the housing Mhada schemes that are offered in the Mhada lottery 2023 Mumbai.

Mumbai Mhada Lottery 2023 Plans

The housing Mhada units under the Mumbai 2023 Mhada lottery range in price from Rs 24 lakh to Rs 7.57 crore, with carpet areas varying from 204 sqft to 1,531 sqft. The 204-square-foot apartment, which costs Rs 24.71 lakh, is offered in Chandivali. Located on the 19th floor of Crescent Tower, Tardeo, South Mumbai, this 1,531 sqft apartment, valued at Rs 7.57 crore, is the most expensive Mhada flat. It caters to the HIG sector. The same Tardeo building houses the second most expensive apartment under the Mhada lottery 2023 Mumbai. This costs Rs 7.52 crore and has a 1,520 square foot carpet. It should be noted that a private developer has developed this building as part of a redevelopment project. The HIG section receives 120 units from the Mhada lottery Mumbai 2023.

2023 Mhada Lottery Mumbai: Reservation Information

The 11% reservation in the minority group for people representatives, state, federal, and Mhada personnel has been canceled by Mhada housing developments because these individuals do not qualify as minorities. It has allocated this 11% to unorganized workers, downtrodden women, and transgender people in their place.

Mhada lottery Mumbai 2023: Important dates

Mhada lottery Mumbai 2023 Important dates
Application starts May 22,2023
Payment starts May 22, 2023
Application ends July 10,2023
Payment ends July 10,2023
NEFT payment ends July 10,2023
Draft application list July 17, 2023
Accepted lottery list July 24, 2023
Mhada lottery Mumbai 2023 lucky draw August 14,2023
Mhada lottery Mumbai 2023 lucky draw refund August 17, 2023


Mhada lottery 2023 Mumbai: EWS units location and distribution 

Location name 2,788 units allotted
PMAY Pahadi Goregaon 1,947
Antop Hill 417
Kannamwar Nagar, Vikhroli 424

Cost of a unit at PMAY Pahadi Goregaon is Rs 3,344,000 after the deduction of Rs 2.5 lakh subsidy.

This is the first Mhada lottery Mumbai in which flats under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) are sold. Around 1,947 houses under PMAY in Pahari Goregaon have been made available to the minority category.  According to Loksatta report, around 3,131 people have confirmed  applications for these 1,947 houses by paying the EMD.

Mhada lottery 2023 Mumbai: LIG units location and distribution 

Location name 1,022 units allotted
Goregaon 736
Dadar, Saket Society (Goregaon), Gaikwad Nagar (Malad), Patrachal, Old Magathane (Borivali), Charkop, Kannamwar Nagar, Vikrant Society (Vikhroli), Gavanpad




Mhada lottery 2023 Mumbai: MIG units location and distribution 

Location Units alloted
Dadar, Tilak Nagar (Chembur), Sahkar Nagar (Chembur), Kandivali. 132


Mhada lottery 2023 Mumbai: HIG units location and distribution 

Location Units alloted
Taddev, Lower Paral, Sion, Shimpoli, Tunga Powai.

When is the deadline to apply for the 2023 Mumbai MHADA Lottery?

Mhada has extended the deadline for submitting lottery applications by one day. Applications for the lottery were accepted until July 11, 2023, at 6:00 PM. Due to the fact that July 9 was a Sunday and the Mhada lottery system was unavailable, an extension was granted. With this, the payment might be completed by July 11, 2023, at 11:59 PM. You have until July 13, 2023, at 11:59 PM to pay via RTGS.

Previously, July 10, 2023 at 6 PM was the deadline for submitting the application for the Mhada lottery 2023 Mumbai.

Mhada lottery 2023 Mumbai: Release of the draft list

The Mhada lottery 2023 Mumbai draft list is the initial list of applicants who were accepted. The draft list for Mumbai was released at 3 PM on July 17, 2023. Accepted, denied, and under investigation will be listed. To check, click on each list, and your computer will download the full list.

By visiting the Mhada housing lottery website and selecting Quick Links, you can view the draft list.

  • Mhada board lottery 2023: Draft list of rejected applications

Shown below is part of the rejected list that has the application number, scheme code, category code and rejection reason.

Mhada board lottery 2023

Go to the Mhada lottery website and click on My Issue and Raise a Grievance till July 19, 2023 if there’s any discrepancy.

  • Draft list of applicants for Mhada board lottery 2023

Below is a list of accepted applications, including application number, applicant name, scheme code, category code, and income group code.

Draft list of applicants for Mhada board lottery 2023

  • Draft list of applications for Mhada lottery 2023

The scrutiny list below includes the application number, applicant name, scheme code, and category code. Grievances can be filed with Mhada until July 21, 2023.

Draft list of applications for Mhada lottery 2023

Mhada lottery 2023 Mumbai: Release of the final list

On July 28, 2023, at 3 PM, the Mhada lottery 2023 Mumbai final list will be released. This is the last list of approved candidates from whom a lottery will be held.

On the Mhada lottery website, navigate to the Published applications menu and click it to view the Mhada final list.


You will reach

Click on View Accepted Application and you will see list of accepted applications.

Accepted Application

Click on View Rejected Application to check the names of applicants rejected.

Mhada lottery

Mhada Mumbai lottery 2023: Registration fees and stamp duty

Online payment options are available for stamp duty and registration fees for all lottery winners who accept their unit winnings from the Mhada Mumbai lottery in 2023. The payment amount has been made public on the Mhada lottery website. It depends on the area, the location, etc. Additionally, for the applicant’s convenience, details like the Mhada PAN number and TAN number are provided.

Mhada Mumbai lottery installment payment for 2023

The applicant will automatically receive an extension of 15 days with the applicable interest rate following the first installment payment’s original due date, and an automatic extension of 90 days with the applicable interest rate for the second installment payment.

Mhada Mumbai lottery 2023 support center: phone number

Mhada lottery help center
Near Mitra Kash,
Gate no.03,
Grihnirman Bhavan, Bandra (E), Mumbai
Phone : 022-69468100

Mhada Lo ttery 2024: approving the Mhada division

You must visit the Mhada lottery website and download the letter of intent following the lucky draw, if you are the fortunate lottery winner. Following that, you must accept the Mhada unit, complete the e-signature process, and carry out the unit accepting procedure. Keep in mind that if you win more than one lottery apartment, you must give up the others in order to accept the winning property. After accepting the Mhada unit, you have 180 days to make the required payment before you can visit the SRO to register.

Mhada lottery 2024: Changes to unit size norms

The state government of Maharashtra has changed the unit size requirements for flats that Mhada builds and distributes. All future and under-construction Mhada units will be subject to this change.

The updated carpet area under the MIG category is 968 square feet, down from the previous 1, 722 square feet, and the updated carpet area under the HIG category is 968 square feet, down from the previous 2,152 square feet, in accordance with the current criteria.

Mhada Lottery 2023: Advantages for Future Homeowners

Benefits and characteristics of the Mhada lottery 2023 flats are mentioned.

  • In Maharashtra, affordable housing is available to those who qualify for the Mhada lottery 2024, which is akin to the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana initiative.
  • outstanding locations: The homes are made accessible in outstanding locations that are chosen by most people, and they are inexpensive under the Mhada lottery 2024.
  • Homes for everyone: The Mhada lottery program makes reasonably priced homes accessible to all societal groups, including EWS, LIG, MIG, and HIG.
  • Transparent lottery system: The computerized transparent Mhada lottery system, which guarantees that every player has an equal chance of winning the Mhada lottery 2024, is used to distribute Mhada flats.

First come, first served format for the Mhada Lottery 2024: Documents needed

In order to play the Mhada lottery in 2024, you must have:

  1. PAN card
  2. Aadhaar card
  3. Cancelled cheque
  4. Domicile certificate
  5. Driving licence
  6. Passport photos
  7. Birth certificate
  8. Applicant’s contact details

Mhada Lottery registration for 2024

Those who are interested in applying for the Mhada lottery in 2024 can proceed with the registration and login process by following these steps.

First Step

Go to to access the MHADA Lottery webpage.

Step Two

To register for the MHADA lottery, you must fill out the MHADA form 2024 with your basic information and create a username.


MHADA lottery

Step Three

To apply for the MHADA lottery 2024 Mumbai online, complete another MHADA login after your initial registration for the lottery is successful. You would be able to view the various schemes after logging in. Choose the MHADA Lottery 2024 plan and enter all necessary information. The MHADA Mumbai lottery 2024 scheme code, which is located in the online annexures or the MHADA lottery 2024 brochure, must also be entered. Mention your bank account information and affirm that neither you nor your immediate family owns any other real estate in the city. Lastly, please verify all the information you provided on MHADA form 2024.

Step Four

After submitting your application, please pay the cost. The MHADA lottery 2024 EMD payment can be made online using a debit card, credit card, or NEFT/RTGS, or by demand draft.

Step Four

Print the MHADA lottery 2024 application form and send it to the chosen bank with the demand draft if you are paying by that method. When making an online payment for the MHADA lottery 2024 Mumbai EMD, upload a cancelled check and fund the MHADA lottery 2024 bank account. From the payment portal, you can create the MHADA lottery 2024 payment slip, which you should save for future use.

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Mhada Lottery 2024: Support with videos

For your review, MHADA lottery 2024 offers a video assistance during the registration and application process. To obtain the video assistance, follow these steps:

Go to to access the MHADA lottery website, then select the lottery you wish to sign up for.

  • The “Video help” tab can be found on the homepage. When you click on that, you’ll get to

Press the play button and adhere to the MHADA lottery 2024 video assistance for MHADA registration.

You can also view the MHADA lottery 2024 application and payment video guidance on the same website, behind the registration video.

Refund policy for the Mhada Lottery in 2024

In the event that the application is not chosen in the MHADA lottery 2024 lottery draw, the applicant will get a refund of the money they paid within seven business days. By accessing their profile on the MHADA website, applicants can monitor the progress of their 2024 MHADA lottery reimbursement.

Mhada Lottery 2024: How can I find out the status of my refund?

When the MHADA lottery 2024 is finished and you’re expecting a refund, you may quickly find out how much you’re getting back by following the instructions below.

  • Start by going to
  • Select “Post Lottery” from the lottery option.

Post Lottery

Mhada Lottery 2024

  • Enter username/application number
  • Select the lottery event year from the drop-down box
  • Click on submit

You’ll be taken to a page where you may check the status of your MHADA lottery 2024 refund.

Mhada Lottery 2024: What should you do in the event that your refund is denied?

In the event that your MHADA Lottery 2024 application money is not returned to you within the allotted time, please contact MHADA officials at +91-9869988000/022-66405000. Within seven to ten business days, they will assist you in receiving your MHADA lottery refund in your account.

Mhada electronic auction

Mhada through its online auction platform, which is accessible at Plots under several Mhada boards and bid-and-sold shops are available on the platform.

Mhada e-auction

The Mhada e-billing system launched.
The Mhada board introduced the e-billing system to make it easier for anyone, both owners and tenants, to pay the service fees associated with using the organization’s services.

Please visit the Mhada website at to use the e-billing system.

e-billing system

and under citizen corner, click on Mumbai board e-billing system. You will reach

Enter the consumer number and click on submit.

Mhada Lottery 2023 Aurangabad

The Aurangabad MHADA lottery 2023, which will give away about 936 houses, was announced by the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) board.

Mhada lottery boards list

Throughout the state, MHADA distributes affordable housing options through the MHADA lottery. The following are some of the major housing boards in various Maharashtran cities that are running the MHADA lottery:

  1. MHADA lottery 2024 Mumbai
  2. Mumbai Building Repair and Reconstruction Board
  3. MHADA lottery Konkan 2024
  4. MHADA Pune Lottery 2023
  5. MHADA Aurangabad Lottery 2024
  6. MHADA Amravati Lottery Housing Scheme
  7. MHADA Nashik Lottery Housing Scheme
  8. MHADA Nagpur Lottery Housing Scheme

Affordable housing is offered by each MHADA board through fortunate lotteries, such as the MHADA lottery 2024 Mumbai. In addition, MHADA intends to host an MHADA lottery and develop 7,000–10,000 homes in Amravati, Aurangabad, Nashik, Nagpur, and Pune over the course of the next two years in order to meet the growing demand for housing.

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Is it possible for us to rent the Mhada apartment?

An owner of an MHADA lottery apartment may rent it out, but he is not allowed to sell it for five years after the date of purchase. Depending on the category they fall into, MHADA lottery property owners must pay for a NOC that ranges from Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 in order to rent out their apartment in 2022. Owners of MHADA lottery flats for 2022 who rent out their properties must additionally provide MHADA with a copy of their Leave and Licence agreement.

Will my MHADA apartment sell?

Owners of Mhada lottery apartments are only permitted to sell their properties five years following the date of the apartment’s purchase. Frequently, though, the owners of Mhada lottery flats sell them to buyers before the five-year lock-in period by giving them a power of attorney (PoA) document rather than the Mhada flat’s registered deed. Since sales under Power of Attorney are prohibited, a buyer may be forced out of the home if Mhada performs an unexpected inspection.

When purchasing a resale Mhada apartment, make sure the seller provides you with a no-dues certificate from the society, the original Mhada allotment letter, the share certificate that the society has issued to the owner, and a letter mentioning the share certificate transfer. After that, the buyer of the Mhada apartment must pay the registration fee and stamp duty. The transfer certificate for the unit must be issued by Mhada after the house is registered in the name of the new buyer. You must submit the necessary paperwork for this, together with the registration papers and the transfer money. It can take almost six months to complete the process.

November 24, 2023: Latest News on the Mhada Lottery 2024

Mhada creates a policy to sell 11,184 unoccupied apartments among its boards.
A new policy has been formulated by a study group led by Mhada CEO Sanjeev Jaiswal. The committee has developed suggestions to help sell the more than 11,184 unsold apartments spread throughout the different Mhada regional boards.

The authority must choose an agency to assist in the sale; this agency will be selected through a tender or expression of interest

Mhada electronic auction

Mhada is going to e-auction 170 Mumbai stores

As part of an electronic auction, commercial properties and automobiles are given away by the various Mhada boards. The Mhada Mumbai Board will finally give away 170 stores that have been on the back burner for a while. The shops’ areas span from 9 to 200 m, and the bidding price falls within the range of Rs 25 to Rs 13 crore.

Head office of Mhada: Contact details


Grihanirman Bhavan Kalanagar, Bandra (E)

Mumbai 400051

Phone: 9869988000


For any information/service/scheme related to state government departments, you may call on the chief minister helpline, toll-free (24×7) at 1800 120 8040.

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    • (3.2.) To enhance customer experience and to provide focused support, we may share generic aggregated demographic information which may include Your information collected by Us but not linked to any personally identifiable information regarding visitors and users with Our business partners, trusted affiliates and advertisers for the purposes outlined above.
    • (3.3.) At times We are required by law or litigation to disclose personal information about the users. We may also disclose information about the user if We determine that disclosure of information is necessary for national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance.
    • (3.4.) We use Our best efforts to use information in aggregate form (so that no individual User is identified) for the following purposes:
(3.4.1) To build up marketing profiles; (3.4.2) To aid strategic development, data collection and business analytics; (3.4.3) To manage our relationship with advertisers and partners; (3.4.4) 3.4.4. To audit usage of Our website i.e. (3.4.5) 3.4.5. To enhance user experience in relation to the App and Our website (collectively, “Permitted Use”).
  • (3.5.) We reserve the right to disclose Personal Information if required to do so by law or if we believe that it is necessary to do so to protect and defend the rights, property or personal safety of Eduvast, the App, or Users.
4. Cookies
  • (4.1.) Whenever You access the App We may place "cookies" on Your hard drive for record-keeping purposes to enhance Your experience or sometimes to personalize Your experience. Cookies are small text files that are placed on Your device's hard drive by the App You visit. Cookies help Us to identify information relating Your activities and to retain information relating to Your preferences and history on the App.
  • (4.2.) Ad targeting cookies: We and/or Our service providers may use advertising cookies to deliver ads that are more relevant to You and Your interests.
  • (4.3.) You may choose to disable cookies by turning off cookie feature on the web browser. However, by disabling this feature, some parts of the App may not function properly. This may prevent You from taking full advantage of the App.
5. Confidentiality
    • (5.1.) Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, We will keep Your Personal Information private and will not share it with third parties, unless We believe in good faith that disclosure of Your Personal Information or any other information We collect about You is necessary for Permitted Use or to:
(5.1.1.) Comply with a court order or other legal process; (5.1.2.) Protect the rights, property or safety of Eduvast or another party; (5.1.3.) Enforce the Agreement, including EULA; or (5.1.4.) Respond to claims that any posting or other content violates the rights of third-parties. 6. Security
  • (6.1.) The security of Your Personal Information is important to Us. We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the Personal Information submitted to Us, both during transmission and once We receive it.
  • (6.2.) Although We make best possible efforts to store Personal Information in a secure operating environment which is not open to the public, You should understand that there is no such thing as complete security, and We do not guarantee that there will be no unintended disclosures of Your Personal Information. If We become aware that Your Personal Information has been disclosed in a manner not in accordance with this Privacy Policy, We will use reasonable efforts to notify You of the nature and extent of such disclosure (to the extent We know that information) as soon as reasonably possible and as permitted by law.
7. Updates and Changes to Privacy Policy
  • We reserve the right, at any time, to add to, change, update, or modify this Privacy Policy so please review it frequently. In all cases, use of information We collect is subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time such information is collected. You hereby acknowledge and agree that it is Your responsibility to review this Privacy Policy periodically and become aware of the modifications. If You disagree to any of the changes to the Privacy Policy, You shall refrain from using or accessing the App. Your continued use of the App following the posting of the revised Policy shall indicate Your acceptance and acknowledgment of the changes and You will be bound by it.
8. Updates and Changes to Your Personal Information
  • You have a right to correct any errors in Your Personal Information available with Us. You may request Us in writing that We cease to use Your Personal Information.
9. Contact Us
  • You may write to us at [email protected] for any privacy concerns and requests relating to this EULA and Privacy Policy.
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