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Hindi OTT Releases in October 2022

The following October is singled out for special note since it is the month during which the most auspicious festivals of the Dussehra and Diwali seasons are all observed. Given that we are now in festival season, there will be no compromise on the movie’s release and Hindi OTT releases! As a result, during festival days, megastars Chiranjeevi and Akkineni Nagarjuna are honored. H. The Godfather and Ghost had an impact on October 5, 2022. Come to Bollywood; there are many entertaining films about kitties as well. These online video streaming services, particularly well-known ones like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video, are making every effort to add new episodes and web series to the festival to make it especially memorable.

The Ultimate List Of Hindi OTT Releases In October 2022

1. Goodbye : One of the best Hindi OTT Releases

Amitabh and Rashmika, a father and daughter, argue about the matter in the trailer’s opening scene. Then, Nina Gupta, Rashmika’s mother, passes away without her knowing. She eventually makes it to her house with her brother, where they talk about the customs to observe during the funeral rites. Overall, it’s a totally emotional drama that makes you appreciate family!

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2. Exposed

The plot centers on a journalist named Grishma, whose life transforms as a result of speaking with a local politician in what is referred to be a frightening play. This series guarantees to keep you fascinated with its abundance of suspense, gore, and twists. On October 6th, Exposed will begin to stream on Hotstar.

3. Shantaram

This tale, which is based on the novel Shantaram, is about an Australian immigrant who emigrated to India. Though he makes the decision to start afresh, problems keep cropping up in his life. The program, which was co-directed by Bharat Nalluri, Iain B. MacDonald, and Justin Kurzel, is scheduled to begin streaming on Apple TV+ on October 14.

4. Thank God.

When Sidharth was on the phone with his wife Lacourt, the trailer opened with him having an accident. Because he was unable to attend her PTM, he argued with her daughter. In the following minute, he arrives in “hell,” but it differs from what we’ve seen in the other movies. I was. He explains to Sidharth the significance of his life and explains that he was enraged with everyone and had wounded his loved ones. He is also envious of his wife Lacourt, a member of the Criminal Investigation Department and a police officer.
When Ajay Devgan reveals Sidharth’s truth, the look inside him as a police officer and his “dream world” is broken. He is then revealed to be avaricious and wooing other ladies. They learn from their errors and develop into kind, caring people.

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5. Taaza Khabar

On October 22nd, Bhuvan Bham’s first among all Hindi OTT releases which will begin to broadcast on his Hotstar account. The plot centers on a Mumbai sanitation worker who has supernatural abilities and transforms his life. Shriya Pilgaonkar, Bham, and Deven Bhojani feature in this comedy-drama.

6. Code Name Tiranga: Tiranga expedition OTT

It opens with an introduction to the deadly terrorist Omar, who is also the perpetrator of several attacks in India, in keeping with the teaser. Therefore, the authorities send Omar’s ranger, Durga nicknamed Parineeti aka Alpha, on a mission to catch him. She begins to work covertly though after falling in love with Harry after enrolling. But soon she is discovered, forcing her to decide between her career and her relationship. Therefore, we must wait and observe how Parineeti manages the “Tiranga” expedition.

7. Mismatched season 2 : Second part of another Hindi OTT release

After the first season’s triumphant finale, Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf are back with an even more thrilling second season on Netflix. On October 14th, the program will go live and investigate the lives of Dimple and Rishi. Life will continue to astound you with its unforeseen turns. And it’s clear that the road is rocky.

8. Setu Ram

Along with the trailer, Akshay Kumar, Sathya Dev, and Jacqueline Fernandez also appeared to be on a three-day journey to rescue Ram Setu. The teaser was entertaining due to the action scenes and Ram Setu’s perception of the breathtaking environment.

9. Ma Maja

This television series, which features Madhuri Dixit and Gajraj Rao, helps you understand Aaja Nach Le. On the eve of his son’s engagement, a normal middle-class Indian housewife and mother shows her son Tejas a fairly eccentric side in this humorous program. Maja Ma on October 6th and you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.