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The 5 Best Apps For Keeping Your iPhone Private

Although it’s an expensive brand, many people prefer iPhones over Android smartphones due to the features and security provided by iPhone devices.

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iPhone is among one the world-famous smartphones brands. iPhone has users all around the world in a vast number. Although it’s an expensive brand, many people prefer iPhones over Android smartphones due to the features and security provided by iPhone devices.

However, today’s world is full of digital predators and hackers; it is said that no one on the internet is completely secure; in today’s world, no matter which device you use, hackers and predators find a way to exploit your device and steal your crucial data and information. Especially kids and teenagers are targeted by these internet-based predators, and kids and teenagers make themselves vulnerable through their online actions and activities.

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Fortunately, there’s a way to ensure your and your’s kids’ safety from these predators and digital threats. As a parent, you can use third-party applications to spy on your kid’s iPhone without jailbreaking and watching their online activities or other recommended apps to keep your iOS device safe and secure.

In this article, we’ve included some of the top and recommended apps that will assist you in keeping your iPhones safe and secure. Let’s have a look at them.

Reasons To Keep Your iPhone Private

As we already said, no one on the internet is completely safe and secure in today’s world. Online predators, spammers, hackers, pedophiles, etc., are everywhere. These internet-based predators can lure you, especially your kids and teenagers, into a trap, exploit your device, and leak or steal your personal and important data and information.

They use advanced technologies and techniques to exploit your device if they find your device vulnerable. You’ll need to secure your data and device security in such cases. You don’t want someone else to view your personal information or utilize your crucial data. As a result, you’ll need to keep your device and data private to avoid digital threats and data leakage.

What Are The 5 Best Apps For Keeping Your iPhone Private?

iPhone is considered one of the most secure smartphone devices globally, and iOS devices provide world-class functionality and security features to their users. However, with the advancement in technology, online predators and hackers are now capable of exploiting your iOS devices in case you’re vulnerable to them.

Hence, to avoid vulnerability, you’ll need to keep your iPhone smartphones secure and private. Here are the top 5 apps which will assist you in keeping your device safe and secure.

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1. Firefox Focus:

In terms of privacy, the safari browser is best. While many iPhone users are already using safari, you should use browser compartmentalization if you want maximum privacy protection while browsing the web. This is the practice of using one online browser for logging into sites and all other surfing.

Because it’s built on privacy, Firefox Fous is an excellent secondary browser. When you close the Mozilla-made app, it removes the history, cache, cookies, etc., from the previous sessions. You can also use Face ID or Touch ID to restrict access to the app.

2. Cryptomator:

Various great cloud storage options allow you to access your files from anywhere. None, however, provide end-to-end encryption. A hacker who managed to get past the security barriers would have unrestricted access to all of your documents.

This is where Cryptomator comes into the scene. Before uploading documents to your cloud account, you can use the app to encrypt them automatically. Hence if your cloud account is hacked or your password is stolen, your files will be safely encrypted.

3. Lookout:

When it comes to hackers attempting to steal your information, lookout is a data security app that functions as a security alarm. It can notify you if your personal information is exposed online, such as data leakage or identity theft.

The program also protects you from phishing sites by alerting you when you visit a questionable website and letting you know about your Wi-Fi safety.

4. Jumbo Privacy:

Many social media platforms have privacy options that enable users to select how much information they wish to share with others. However, some apps make this privacy option more difficult to find and use than it should be.

That’s where jumbo comes into the scene. The software enables the users to see the privacy settings of their various accounts. It can automatically adjust your privacy options on those accounts to the maximum with just a few taps.

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