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World Bollywood Day 2022

Every year, on September 24, world Bollywood Day is celebrated to commemorate the contribution of Indian cinema to the global entertainment industry. 2

What is World Bollywood Day?

World Bollywood Day is a day to celebrate the Indian film industry. The day is observed on September 24 every year.

2. Who Started World Bollywood Day?

The idea of celebrating the Indian film industry originated with the founder of the Bombay Film Society, Pramod Khanna. He wanted to create an international day to celebrate Indian cinema. Pramod Khanna submitted his proposal to the United Nations in 1999, and World Bollywood Day was officially declared by the UN in 2001.

3. What Are Some of the Events Held on World Bollywood Day?

Some of the events held on World Bollywood Day include movie screenings, music concerts, and art exhibitions. Additionally, many businesses close for the day to give employees a break from work.

What are the main events happening on World Bollywood Day?

On September 24th, World Bollywood Day is celebrated around the world. This day is a time to appreciate the amazing work that Bollywood filmmakers have done over the years.

There are various events happening on World Bollywood Day to celebrate the culture and heritage of Bollywood. One of the main events is the awards ceremony for the prestigious Filmfare Awards. This event honors the best films and actors from India and worldwide.

Other events include movie screenings and concerts. There are also special discounts available on movie tickets on World Bollywood Day. So, visitors can enjoy a night out with friends or family members.

Where can you watch World Bollywood Day celebrations?

On World Bollywood Day, September 24th, people all over the world will celebrate the amazing culture and art of Bollywood. There are plenty of events and celebrations planned to mark the day, so where can you watch them?

Some of the main celebrations will be taking place in India, but there will also be events in many other countries around the world. You can find details on each event below.

If you’re looking for a global celebration with people from all over the world, World Bollywood Day is definitely worth checking out!


World Bollywood Day is an annual event that celebrates the creative and cultural heritage of Bollywood, one of the most popular film industries in the world. Held on September 24th each year, this day is a great opportunity to learn more about this fascinating genre and its many talented practitioners. From music to drama, from fashion to cinematography, World Bollywood Day provides a snapshot of everything that makes Bollywood so special. So don’t wait any longer – get your tickets today and join us as we celebrate world cinema at its finest!