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Bathukamma 2022: Date, Origin and significance of this festival

Bathukamma 2022: Bathukamma is the flower-based celebration (Social Celebration of Telangana) celebrated by the Hindu ladies in Telangana.

In Telugu Bathukamma signifies ‘reawaken’. Bathukamma = Batuku (live or reawaken) + Amma (mother or Goddess).

Bathukamma celebration is observed for Nine Days. The celebration is trailed by Boddemma, it is praised two days before the Bhadrapada Amavasya, and it denotes a closure of Varsha Ruthu (Rainy Season).

Bathukamma is a wonderful stack, organized with various occasional blossoms in concentric layers. These are restorative and wild blossoms. Goddess Gauri is loved as Bathukamma for these nine days.

Last day of the celebration is commended on Ashwayuja Ashtami Tithi. The day is called as Durga Ashtami.

Dussehra is praised on the second day after Durga Ashtami, i.e, on Ashwayuja Dashami (10th day in Ashwayuja month), is called as Vijaya Dashami.

The Ladies assembles and praises the celebration every one of the nine days by singing and playing around the Bathukamma in conventional dresses.

Most Famous Bathukamma Melodies:

This flowery celebration begins the Bhadrapada Amavasya day according to the Amavasyanth calender. This day is likewise called as Pethara Amasa or Pitru Amavasya in Telangana. It denotes the beginning of Sharath Ruthu (Pre-winter Season).

Bathukamma 2022 Dates:

In 2022 Bathukamma celebration begins on September 25 (Bhadrapada Amavasya) and closes on October 3 (Ashvayuja Ashtami) Durga Ashtami with Chaddula Bathukamma.

S.No      Day and Date                   Bathukamma- Name

1- Sunday, September 25- Engili Puvvu Bathukamma

2- Monday, September 26- Atukula Bathukamma

3- Tuesday, September 27- Muddapuvvu/Muddapappu

4- Wednesday, September 28- Nana Biyyam

5- Thursday, September 29- Atla Bathukamma

6- Friday, September 30-           Aligina/Arremu/Alaka

7- Saturday, October 1-           Vepakayala Bathukamma

8- Sunday, October 2-           Venne Muddala Bathukamma

9- Monday, October 3-           Saddula Bathukamma (Chaddula)

9 Days of Bathukamma Celebration and Navidyam

Every day Batukamma celebration is called with an alternate name and every day unique food is proposed to the goddess.

  1. Engili Puvvula Bathukamma

On Bhadrapada Amavasya – First day of Bathukamma is called as Engili Puvvu Bathukamma in light of the fact that first, they give proper respect to their progenitors via food contributions and afterward they begin making Batukamma.

Food contributions to Goddess – Rice, Sesame seeds

  1. Atukula Bathukamma

On Ashwayuja Padyami (First day of Ashwayuja Month – according to Amant Schedule) – Second day of Batukamma is called as Atukula Bathukamma. On this day lovers offer Atukulu as Naivedyam.

Food contributions to Goddess – Smoothed Rice, Jaggery

  1. Muddapuvvu or Muddapappu Bathukamma

On Ashwayuja Dwitiya (Second day of Ashwayuja Month) – Third day of Batukamma is called as Muddapuvvu or Muddapappu batukamma as Batukamma is comprised of Mudda Chamanthi or Mudda Banthi blossoms alongside Thangedu Puvvu and Gunaka Puvvu. Likewise offer Muddapappu and rice as naivedyam.

Food contributions to Goddess – Rice and Dal

  1. Nanabiyyam Bathukamma

On Ashwayuja Trtiya – Fourth day of bathukamma is called as Nanabiyyambathukamma as aficionados offers Nanina Biyyam (Doused Rice) and Jaggery.

Food contributions to Goddess – Splashed Rice and Jaggery

  1. Atla Bathukamma

On Ashwayuja Chathurthi – on this day of Batukamma is called as AtlaBathukamma. The ladies offer Atlu (dosa or roti kind of food) as naivedyam for the batukamma consequently name called.

Food contributions to Goddess – Dosa or Rot

  1. Aligina or Arremu or Alaka Bathukamma

On Ashwayuja Panchami – No Naivedyam preperation on this day. It is accepted that Goddes Gowri was felt harmed. The day is likewise celebrated as Lalitha Panchami.

  1. Vepakayala Bathukamma

On Ashwayuja Sashti – This dayis celebrated as Durga Sashti. Naivedyam is presented looking like Vepakaya (Nim/Neem Organic product), so this day is called as Vepakayala Batukamma.

Food contributions to Goddess – Sakinala Pindi looking like Neem Organic products

  1. Venna Muddala Bathukamma

On Ashwayuja Sapthami – Eighth day of bathukamma is called as Venna Muddala Bathukamma. On this day lovers offer Navedyam with margarine.

Food contributions to Goddess – Sesame seeds, Jaggery, Ghee, Fatsos

  1. Saddula Bathukamma (Chaddula Batukamma)

On Ashwayuja Ashtami (Durga Ashtami) – Bathukamma celebration called as Saddula Batukamma or Pedda Batukamma. On this day Batukamma is comprised of various blossoms in enormous size than every one of the eight days.

Food contributions to Goddess – 5 sorts of rice and 1 sweet is presented on this day which are:

  1. Curd Rice
  2. Lemon Rice
  3. Tamarind Rice
  4. Tamarind Rice with Coconut Powder
  5. Tamarind Rice with Sesame Seed Powder
  6. 6. Malleda, Balls made with chapati and Sugar