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Felt Hat Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Textiles

National Felt Hat Day is observed on September 15 to recognise the extensive history of headwear. The day also brings about a change in the weather. The approach of milder weather necessitates a change in attire. Why exclude headwear when we can replace summer jackets with coats and sandals with boots? It is also a wonderful day to learn about the history of hats, which dates back to the bronze age. Currently, headwear are driven by fashion, whereas in the past they were driven by necessity.

Historically, males were expected to replace their summer straw hats with felt or wool hats during the winter months. In 1922, around September 15 in New York City, there was a series of riots involving actual deaths because people were donning straw hats out of season. Man-made felt is the focal point of this event for a specific purpose. The 15th of September is the ideal day to don a vintage outfit. Also, hello! Don’t neglect to add a felt hat on top.

The background of Felt Hat Day

Since the beginning of time, people have enjoyed donning hats. During the excavation of mountains between Italy and Austria, one of the earliest confirmed references to this fact was unearthed. A bronze-aged man named Otzi had been entombed in the ice since 3250 B.C. He didn’t have a lot on his hands, but he did have a bearskin cap with a chinstrap — approximating a Russian fur hat. Thousands of years before the latest Gucci launch, Otzi had already created the fashion you appreciate today.

Felt Hat Day’s origins remain unclear. Although some theories attribute the revival of the hat and the establishment of Felt Hat Day to the 1930s and 1940s. The 19th century witnessed the rise of felt headwear, as felt became a common material for hat manufacturing. Asia is the origin of felt, a man-made fabric that has been in use for 5,000 years. The Felt Hat Day celebrates a bygone era.

Felt Hat Day allows us to reflect on the illustrious history of headwear and their significance in our culture.

From Otzi of Austria to Harry Styles of England, hats have come a long way. And they remain a fashion, comfort, and satisfaction accessory. The 15th of September is the ideal date to commemorate this long voyage. In the current climate, the celebration is also significant because it connects newer generations to our past.


According to archaeological evidence, cotton and wool have been used to manufacture fabric since 3000 BCE.

China has been the largest exporter of silk for centuries, and this is not anticipated to change anytime soon.

The distance between your digits and nose is approximately one yard.

One bale of cotton can produce more than 200 pairs of trousers.

In an effort to speed up the processing of cotton, the American inventor Eli Whitney created a machine that became the basis of the western textile industry.


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